8 Gorgeous Reno Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere

Renovating your home can often be a daunting process due to all the design decisions you need to make: the floor plan, which rooms you want to tackle, and how you want everything to look at the end of the process. It can also be especially hard to choose between classic refurbishing and trying out a new trend.

To help you narrow down your inspiration, we’ve gathered eight home renovation trends that won’t lose their value or flair over time, so you can worry less about picking the right trends and focus more on building your best home.

Updated Accent Walls

Design & Photo: Orlando Soria

Accent walls are making a comeback for the upcoming year. They’re an easy way to subtly bring in color and design without overwhelming your space, but also making a statement. Whether it’s painted on or if you decide to use wallpaper, the possibilities are endless because of how versatile accent walls are. They also act as the focal point in a room since it’s the first thing someone notices once they walk in, so you can use this to your advantage and place precious artwork or anything else you want to spotlight within the room.

Try a wall mural-inspired wallpaper instead of a traditional wallpaper design for a look that feels custom for less.

Wet Room Bathrooms

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors, Photo: Margaret Austin Photo

We’re all used to our bathrooms having designated spots for a shower and a bathtub, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Designers are merging the two together to create a unified “wet room” within your bathroom. Imagine a large shower stall with the bathtub nestled inside.

A wet room makes bathing and showering much easier because you don’t need to worry about the water trail you’re going to need to clean up afterward. That’s what the room is built for, plus it makes for a strong design statement.

Plenty of Metallic Touches

Design: D Burns Interiors

Brass, copper, gold, and silver are all metallics that are being incorporated into homes to bring an extra shimmery effect, adding some shine under natural light. Metallics can be used in various ways depending on how much glimmer you want in a room.

If you’re only looking to add a bit of a shine, use metallic cabinet handles to give your kitchen or bathroom extra pizzazz or try a metallic finish over your wall tiles to give the finished look some subtle glimmer.

Private Nooks

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Tramp

Every home should have an intimate and cozy place for you or your family to wind down after a long day, or a place to work without any distractions. Creating a private nook is a great way to add character and interest to your space while giving you a secluded spot to read, work, or just relax.

While we love a built-in seat, they’re not required for a cozy nook. To decorate your space, consider a table, some chairs, a loveseat, or even a small desk. If you want a bigger design statement, add wallpaper to your spot to help define the area.

Mixed Materials

Design: Velinda Hellen for EHD, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Over the years, matching materials have always been in style. How many times have we seen brass hardware paired with other brass fixtures throughout a home? It’s time to break that pattern and start mixing materials that may not match one another, but instead complement each other.

Whether you’re mixing brass with wood or stone, or even using all three, choose materials that feel authentic to your personal taste rather than settling on one. Your space will look artfully designed and eclectic instead of matching a home store catalog.

Garden Rooms

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp & Veronica Crawford

Who says renovations have to stick to the inside of your home? A garden room is usually a separated area in a yard that is surrounded by tall plants, a fence, hedges, or other objects to give it a more distinct and defined structure. There is no specific dimension or layout to follow, so you have the creative and design freedom to customize your garden room the way you like. You can experiment with how you want it to look by playing with different color schemes and furnishings.

Although not required, consider adding sensory elements to your garden room; this can be a great way to bring nature into the space. For example, if you’re planning to use the garden room for entertaining and dining, plant some of your vegetables and herbs nearby or within the garden space to display the ingredients you may use when preparing the meals. Guests will be able to smell and see what they’re eating due to the thoughtful layout and the meal will feel a lot more intentional.

Round Motifs

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Tramp

Expect to see rounded features all over newly renovated homes instead of rough lines and straight structures. Built-in archways will also be commonly seen since it softens home interiors and makes a room look more open and spacious. They also give a romantic and Art Deco feeling to a home, which can add character to a new build.

If you’re not ready to construct an arch in your home, but want still bring in rounded features, think about using round tiles for a wall or even rounded countertops or tables. You can also try painting an arch above an entryway or behind a bookcase or headboard to give you the look for less.

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