8 Most Affordable U.S. Beach Towns

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With median household income of $ 65,712 in the last U.S. Census in 2019, living near the beach seems out of reach for many Americans. While many coastal towns have a high cost of living, including expensive real estate, some are more affordable than you might think. So don’t give up on your dreams of living on the beach. Check out our list of the 8 most affordable beach towns in the United States

Rentals on the Coos Bay coastal coast are a steal, with the median monthly rent coming in at $ 750. That’s almost $ 350 below the national median. It’s pretty isolated geographically, but that means you never scramble for space on Bandon Beach. The Southwestern Oregon Regional Airport, which has daily flights to San Francisco, is also 5 miles from the city center. Its seclusion appeals to retirees, while families love the quality education that the Coos Bay School District offers. If you enjoy coastal life at a more leisurely pace, Coos Bay might be the place you are looking.

While much of the California coast has high-priced real estate, Eureka has plenty of inexpensive beach homes. With a median monthly rent of $ 750, it owns cheap coastal properties well below the national median. The Samoa Dunes Recreation Area offers space for hiking, mountain biking, swimming and sunbathing on the shore. The mild climate allows you to enjoy the beach all year round. Besides its natural wonders, Eureka’s thriving art scene and retail boutiques are drawing attention. The convenient Eureka Transit bus system stops at top local attractions including Henderson Center, Bayshore Shopping Center and the Downtown District.

With a median monthly rent of $ 775, Biloxi costs around $ 322 less than the national median, making it one of the more affordable beach towns. Its white sand beaches and calm ocean waters are rarely overcrowded, and the friendly locals will make you feel right at home. The restaurants at either end of the beach serve the freshest seafood in the Gulf. Winters in Biloxi are mild, while sea breezes help combat the hot, humid summers. Easy access to Interstate 10 makes it easy to travel and explore the Mississippi and beyond.

Thirteen miles west of Biloxi, Gulfport is one of the cheapest coastal towns in the country. Gulfport rents are slightly cheaper here, with a median monthly price of $ 760, and the town is more residential, with fewer local dining and entertainment options. However, the amenities of Biloxi are a short drive away. Gulfport was damaged in Hurricane Katrina, but recent restoration has brought it back to life. Gulfport beach is beautiful, but Ship Island, a short ferry ride away, offers another option. For summer fun without the sand, enjoy the slides and lazy river at Gulf Islands Water Park.

One hour south of Houston you’ll find Freeport, a coastal town famous for its petrochemical and mineral processing industry. Beach houses built on stilts are expensive, but you can live further from the shore and take advantage of the low prices. The median monthly rent in Freeport is $ 850, about $ 250 below the national median. Freeport is home to Bryan Beach, a natural beach stretching for 3 miles. This provides plenty of space for swimming, sunbathing, fishing and relaxing. Charter boats depart regularly from Freeport for Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary, one of Texas’ best diving spots located about 100 miles from the coast.

La Porte is another Texas gem that is among the most affordable beach towns in the United States. Its median monthly rent is $ 795, more than $ 300 less than the national median. The Gate is home to Sylvan Beach, a large stretch of sandy coast with a fishing pier and a park with a play area for children. Local families love to spend their free time at the beach and its many historic sites, including the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas. La Porte’s low cost of living keeps more in your pocket.

With Hollywood Beach and the Salt Creek Recreation Area within the city limits and Rialto Beach, Shi Shi Beach and the La Push beaches nearby, Port Angeles is a great base for beach lovers. The median monthly rent is $ 937, $ 160 less than the national median. Voted one of America’s best small towns, Port Angeles offers more to love than just convenient beaches. It borders the Olympic Discovery Trail, which offers space for jogging, biking, and relaxed walks. Its school district has an enviable academic record, and its healthcare system, anchored by the Olympic Medical Center, is world-class.

Florida beach towns are famous for their high prices, but Daytona Beach is actually one of the more affordable beach towns on the East Coast. The median monthly rent is $ 945, $ 152 less than the national median. The city has 23 miles of white sand beaches which are always free and open to the public. Daytona Beach is a tourist town, so it gets crowded in the summer and spring break, but its great amenities make it incredibly appealing. You will find restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets, miles of hiking and biking trails and premium golf courses nearby.

If you like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving in Florida but want to avoid the crowds, consider Fort Walton Beach. With a median monthly rent of $ 974, rentals are $ 123 cheaper than the national median. It still draws tourists to its beachfront skyscrapers, but its lack of large retail spaces or entertainment venues in Florida’s biggest cities helps keep the crowds down so you have more space on. sand. This family-friendly seaside town also offers excellent schools at all levels and excellent recreational facilities. In addition to the beach, you can enjoy outdoor movies, mini golf, and fun community events. Find out about even more affordable Florida Beach towns in our dedicated article.

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