8 Plant Supports Pretty Enough to Put on Display

One thing that no one tells you when you start collecting plants is that they get bigger. Seriously, your plants will grow and grow until they start to lean dramatically towards one side. They’ll take up so much space that you’re constantly trimming them back and gifting cuttings to your friends. Alternatively, you could also use a plant support to hold your houseplant up and train it to grow a certain way. In the past, plant supports weren’t really that nice. They consisted of plastic trellises meant to go outside, an ugly stake that looked like a piece of scrap wood, and random bits you may have thought would help keep your plants sturdy. Nowadays we have gorgeous wire plant supports, ones made out of terracotta, and ones that come in different shapes. They are definitely pretty enough to put on display. Here are a few of our favorites. 

round trellis


If you have a trailing plant but you don’t have space to let the vines hang, a round trellis is a great option for a plant support. This one is made out of copper wire and can be used for new plants and older ones. For the older ones simply wrap the vines around the wire right away. For the younger ones, train your plant as they grow and you’ll soon find the vines will wrap around the trellis on their own. 

metal trellis


These metal trellises are so much fun. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes making them a great option for your houseplant collection. Wrap hoyas, pothos, philodendron, and more in these stands. They’re easy to use – simply insert the bottom end into the soil and then wrap the vines around the trellis. Your plants will start to grow upward with ease.

coco coir pole

KansoDesigns / Etsy

If you have a plant like a mini monstera or normal monstera that has nodes that grow air roots, a coco coir pole is the way to go when it comes to plant support. If you can keep it moist, eventually the plant will start to put roots out into the coco coir. This one is great because it’s not only bendable, but you can also stack additional ones on top of it if your plant keeps growing and growing. 

Honeycomb trellis


This two pack of trellises is so much fun. They are made out of wood and come in a honeycomb shape. If you have a plant with multiple vines, this kind of shape will be great for training your plant. It allows enough space for them to grow with ease. Plus, because of the unique shape, you don’t have to use ties to keep the vines stable. Simply loop them through the different honeycombs and they’ll begin to grow upward. 

rainbow trellis

Leaf and Node

If you’re into the uniquely shaped trellises then this wooden rainbow will be a fun option for you. They’re small but come in two different sizes and wood finishes. You can use plant clips to attach the vines to the arches of the rainbow. It’s a great way to add some flair to your decor as well as use it as a functional tool to help your plants thrive. 

bamboo trellis


This bamboo trellis is as much of a decor statement as it is a fun DIY project. It comes with 13 bamboo rings and ties so you can build the trellis you want and need. It’s completely adjustable making it an excellent option for plants with super long vines. Arrange the circles to direct your trailing plant anywhere you want. It’s a fun way of using your plants as decor. 

Ceramic plantstake

Edge of Urge

Plant stakes are often a bit boring, but this one definitely isn’t. It’s a handmade ceramic loop and comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This one is white and looks beautiful against your green plants. Wrap their vines around it or use it as a decorative addition to your pot.  

geometric trellis

Copper and Needle LLC / Etsy

Made out of copper wire, this geometric trellis is really unique. It’s hand crafted and comes with three trellises that you can use together in one pot or separately. They can support smaller vining plants like hoyas and pothos plants.

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