8 Small-Scale, Big Impact Home Products

history of the miele cordless vacuum cleaner

There are countless home products on the market that claim to make life easier, cleaner, and healthier. Wade through the noise to find something that works may require a series of research, and it is even more difficult to find these items in sizes that do not take up valuable space. And whether you live in a multi-story house or a small apartment in the city, who doesn’t want to be able to stow a powerful vacuum cleaner in your smallest closet or not have a thermostat among the artwork on a wall?

Fortunately, the Good Housekeeping Institute reviews can save you some research. The institute performs rigorous testing to expert standards, and these eight home products all fit the bill of the small but powerful.

1 out of 8

Cordless vacuum cleaner Triflex HX1


$ 499.00

A 3-in-1 vacuum master, the Miele Triflex HX1 cordless vacuum combines agile flexibility with powerful cleaning. The vacuum’s smart design allows you to move the power unit from the bottom of the machine to the top, so you can comfortably mop the floor and reach for the crown moldings – and it converts into a handheld device for quick grips . You get up to 60 minutes of cleaning per charge with the rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery.

2 out of 8

Medium air circulator 630


$ 74.99

Overall, Vornado fans pack a punch. The small 630 is no different, with an airflow range of 70 feet according to the manufacturer (and a five-year warranty to boot). It is suitable for tabletop or floor, and the head swivels up and down depending on where you want to direct the air. Three settings allow for different air speeds, but if you want more control there is also an energy efficient variable speed version.

3 out of 8

Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier


$ 299.99

The Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is one of GHI’s favorites – it’s incredibly quiet, stylish, and non-intrusive. The three-part filtration system claims to rid your air of 99% of common air pollutants, and it includes an activated carbon filter, which helps banish odors. The purifier is designed for spaces between 400 and 600 square feet – perfect for places where people congregate or spend long hours, such as living rooms, bedrooms or offices.

4 out of 8

Fresh Moisture Germ Free UV Humidifier


$ 73.45

Relatively quiet and easy to clean – two things to love about the very portable cool mist humidifier from Honeywell. The manufacturer claims that the humidifier’s evaporative technology helps diffuse moisture into the air faster, and that it has three speed settings that change the power and sound level. In our road tests, GHI found that it could humidify an average-sized room for a full day at the lowest setting.

5 out of 8

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera


$ 219.00

There are a few things that are important to clarify before investing in a home security system: wired or wireless, indoor or outdoor, and how much you are willing to spend. When it comes to indoor cameras, it’s hard to beat the tiny Google Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera. Google Assistant is built in, there is two-way communication, and it can superzoom on a detected person.

6 out of 8

Cool Connect smart portable air conditioner


$ 649.99

This 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner can slip into a corner while working hard for you. It cools rooms up to 550 square feet and the cylindrical body helps distribute the air evenly. You don’t even have to wait until you get home to turn it on, as it’s Wi-Fi enabled for remote cooling. While it’s priced high-end, it features plenty of bells and whistles – you can create schedules and get alerts for filter changes – and the controls are stylishly designed and easy to use.

7 out of 8

Self-sealing 4 gallon trash can


$ 119.95

There’s more to this compact trash can than it looks. Barely four feet tall, its small size belies its power, which lies in the self-sealing technology and its trash bag rings. With the push of a button, the bag will seal and be ready to take off. Then the ring will automatically pull into a new trash bag to start the process over. On average, each recyclable ring contains enough material to last a month, which is the battery’s charge time.

8 out of 8

SmartThermostat with voice control


$ 273.35

The intuitive interface of the ecobee SmartThermostat is easy to navigate from the first use and understated enough in design not to detract from the aesthetics of your home. You can set schedules for the day or week, remotely monitor temperatures and it claims to help save on energy costs. Plus, with built-in voice control, you can manage your home’s heating and cooling systems with a voice prompt rather than touching the thermostat.

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