8 Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Kitchen


Now that you’ve found the perfect apartment rental, you might want to spruce up the kitchen a bit to make it look more like your own. While simple apartment kitchen decorating ideas like plants or rugs shouldn’t violate your rental or lease agreement, always seek your landlord’s approval for major changes like paint, new hardware. cabinets and new accessories. Obtaining approval will help ensure you get your security deposit back. Check out this list of simple and affordable kitchen decorating ideas to spruce up your new kitchen.

1. Add paint to walls and cabinets

Adding fresh paint to the kitchen will make it come alive and you will want to spend more time in the room. If you want to go for a wild color or bold color accents, ask your landlord if everything is okay and ask if they would like the walls or cabinets to be repainted in the original color when you move out. Pastel colors such as pale yellow, light green or sky blue add a comforting feel to the kitchen.

If you want bright and vivid colors like purples or reds, it is best to use these colors as accents. You can always paint a vertical line along a wall with the accent color or just the top half of the wall. Try to use a paint that won’t come off when you wash the walls, especially around the sink and stove.

2. Add new cabinet material

Do your kitchen cabinets have boring handles, knobs or handles? Changing cabinet hardware into something fun can really liven up the kitchen. You can choose retro style knobs, intricately woven handles, sleek chrome handles, or fancy handles with flowers, animals or fun themes painted on them. Unless the owner pays for the materials, you can take them with you when you decide it’s time for a new apartment. Be sure to save the old knobs, handles and handles and put them back in place before moving.

3. Lay a colorful rug

Kitchen decorating ideas for apartments include laying a carpet. With so many styles, sizes, colors, and patterns found in rugs, you can easily find one to express your unique personality. Create unique kitchen themes for the apartments by coordinating your tea towels and pot holders with the rug. Add a touch of elegance with an abstract patterned wool rug. Give your kitchen a modern, contemporary look with a black and white rug, or go retro with a brightly colored oval woven rug. Choose rugs that have a non-slip backing that you can easily clean.

4. Update the lighting

If your kitchen has an old fixture on the ceiling light, outdated wall sconces, or hardly any lamps at all, ask your landlord if you can replace them with modern styles. You can go to the local hardware store or lighting store and find fun or stylish chandeliers, wall sconces, or pendant-shaped glass shades. Adding light strips under the counter can help brighten up dark corners. Choose from LED strips, fluorescent lights or puck lights to bring light into your kitchen.

5. Present your pots and pans

Once you’ve moved into your new apartment and your friends or family want to know what to get for a housewarming gift, ask for some cool pots and pans, like copper or stainless steel ones. Have a family member throw in a hanger and show off your collection. Mix the hanging collection with a few copper cups, a cast iron pot and some wrought iron cooking utensils. Showcasing your pots and pans by hanging them up adds a fresh, rustic touch to any kitchen, including a small apartment kitchen.

6. Mix the style

Who says you have to have matching furniture, pots, cutlery and cutlery? Have fun in your kitchen by mixing styles. Add vintage stools in bright colors to sit on the kitchen counter. You can hang woven baskets on the walls and have a shiny stainless steel sink in the same room. Mixing styles, especially in a small kitchen, can create an illusion of space, and the variety of elements makes the kitchen look eclectic. Check out our 30 best home decor blogs for inspiration.

7. Use open or glass cabinets

If you have drab or dark cabinets and prefer not to paint them, ask your landlord if you can remove the cabinet fronts. Just let the owner know that you will put them back on when you move out. Lowering cabinet fronts allows you to show off your plates and cups that you have carefully collected from thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops.

It’s nice to be able to see the heirlooms that your grandmother, mother or aunts passed on. A great way to do this is to display them behind a glass cabinet front. People can still admire the beautiful pieces, and they stay clean and safe behind the glass.

8. Hang a mirror or two

Use the age-old trick of making a space bigger by hanging a mirror on one of your kitchen walls. Have fun finding a mirror that matches or contrasts with your current decor. The mirror helps the kitchen space look bigger and also reflects any ambient light which can help brighten up a dark kitchen.

The kitchen in your apartment often becomes the focal point of your daily life. Using these apartment kitchen decorating ideas can make your kitchen warm and inviting.

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