9 Propagation Vases That Are Super Stylish

There’s nothing quite like looking at one of your plants and thinking to yourself, “I grew that from a single node.” Propagating your plants is such a fun and easy way to expand your plant collection. All you need to do is cut a piece of a plant off that has a node. Pop it in water and watch as your little cutting grows roots and new leaves. Any plant that has a node, such as a pothos, philodendron, or monstera, can be propagated in water. You can also propagate a piece of a snake plant in water or even a string of hearts or string of turtles. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get more plants. Plus, cuttings make a great gift.

Nowadays, instead of just popping your cutting into a random container, you can find some really cute propagation vases. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You may end up wanting to leave your cutting in the glass instead of planting it into soil!

Here are 9 propagation vases that are super stylish.

Propagation Station


Instead of opting for a single glass container to hold your cutting, get your hands on one that has more than one vessel. This one is beautiful. It comes with a wooden stand and four glass globes that you can fill with your favorite plant cuttings. This is a super stylish propagation vase that is the perfect edition to your home decor. 

Hanging Propagation Station


Utilize your wall space by getting a propagation station that hangs from a hook. This one is great because it’s really easy to assemble. All you need to do is place your vases into the C-shaped safety mouths on the boards. This shape is really helpful so you can remove the vases when you need to top them up with water without disturbing any of your other cuttings. It’s a unique piece of decor for the living room, office, or bedroom. 

Wall Mounted Propagation Station


If you want to create a propagation wall, using a wall mounted test tube propagation station is a great option. The minimalist look makes it a great addition to any room. Simply mount the wooden stand to the wall and slide the test tubes in. Fill with water and your favorite cutting. And if you don’t want to mount it to the wall, the wooden box can stand upright on your windowsill or plant shelf. 

22 Test Tubes


If you have a ton of cuttings scattered around your home at all times, you need to go big with your propagation situation. This hanging option is amazing because it comes with 22 glass test tubes so you can create an epic wall filled with your favorite cuttings. You’ll have a lush green wall before you know it, and keeping all the cuttings in one place will make care so much easier.

Better Homes & Gardens Glass Propagation Station Planter


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style if you have a small space, which is why this propagation station is so great. It’s a single glass globe attached to a beautiful wooden stand. It would make a great addition to your desktop so you can grow a cutting of your favorite plant and enjoy it every day.

Hanging Propagation


Sometimes collecting a lot of cuttings at once can create a huge statement, but if you’re interested in something a bit more minimalist, you should check out these glass test tube hanging planters. They’re super slim and simple and can be hung in a window or against a wall to showcase your most dainty cuttings. Just don’t put them in direct sunlight — plant cuttings don’t like that.

Theory Beyond Design Oak Oblong Trio Wall Propagation Set

The Sill

Wall hangings are a great way to display your cuttings. This one is made with beautiful oak and is an excellent way to fill any unused vertical space in your home. They’re handmade so color may vary!



Plant cuttings can make an excellent centerpiece for a table. This holder features a set of five cylindrical bottles that sit in a black iron frame. It has an industrial vibe and any green plant would look amazing growing out of it. 

Pretty Glass propagation


This propagation starter set comes with everything you need to get your plant cutting to grow roots. The beautiful vase is a great shape as you can even use it to grow avocado seeds and bulbs. It comes with rooting hormone to help roots grow and thrive. 

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