A fully-clad Breville sautè pan is down to $75, an all-time-low price



Every chef needs one great fully-clad skillet and Breville’s 3.5-quart covered sautè pan is down to just $75 right now on Woot. That’s $50 cheaper than we found it anywhere else, including Amazon where it’s already marked down from $200 but to $126. 

The big draw with this pan is that it’s fully clad using stainless steel for strength and even heat distribution and an aluminum core that conducts heat furiously and will help you get the pan real hot, real fast. It’s “fully” clad meaning all three layers (two steel and one aluminum) reach from the bottom of the pan all the way to the top for full continuity. This build is how all the best stainless steel cookware is made — All-Clad included — but you’re generally paying at least double for a fully-clad suatè pan such as this. (Go ahead and poke around, you’re not likely to find a better deal especially from a high-end brand like Breville.)

This is one of those pans you’ll find yourself using all the time for stews, sauces, sautès, braising, pan-frying a whole lot more. If you give it a little loving care, it’ll last you years and is a total steal (or steel) at $75. Woot also has a fully-clad Breville saucepan on discount for $60 but I personally think you’ll get the best bang for your buck with the skillet.