A Guide to the Cost of Living in Boston

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You are not alone if Boston is at the top of your list of dream cities to live in. Whether you are drawn to educational opportunities, the beautiful changing seasons throughout the year, or the city’s rich history, Boston has something for everyone. Yet if you are considering moving to this Massachusetts city, you are probably wondering, “How much does it cost to live in Boston?” Before packing, find out what every tenant needs to know.

Everything about Boston, Massachusetts

Living in Boston can often make you feel like you’re living in a small town, but with all the perks of city living. You will experience a vibrant and diverse city located close to the coast and offering many cultural opportunities, shopping and more.

Of course, many people immediately associate Boston with its place in American history. Boston takes great pride in its role in history and preserves an assortment of historic sites that draw locals and visitors alike. You will also find educational institutions on every corner of this city. Dozens of universities and colleges have campuses all over Boston, making it an attractive place for students and young professionals.

A very passable city, Boston is more accessible without your vehicle than in other places. Many city dwellers rely on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (better known as the T) to get around the city and surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs by subway, train, and bus. You’ll also have easy access to a network of freeways, including the Massachusetts Turnpike, Interstate 93, and Interstate 95. Boston makes it easy to travel across the country and internationally with the International Airport from Boston Logan, one of the largest airports in the country.

Boston, Massachusetts, Cost of Living: Housing Costs

You’ll need to factor in housing costs when exploring the cost of living in Boston. Compared to the rest of the United States, Boston has significantly higher than average housing costs, and high housing costs play a big role in the relatively high average cost of living in Boston. However, you can still find affordable housing when you know where to look.

How much does an apartment cost in Boston?

Apartment costs in Boston can vary depending on the size of the apartment and the area of ​​Boston where you want to rent. The average Boston rent for a one-bedroom apartment is just over $ 2,000 per month. You’ll find a range of costs, with some apartments costing as low as $ 800 per month and others costing over $ 4000. While it might seem difficult to determine exactly where you want to live in Boston, this range means you’ll find something available to suit every budget.

You’ll find luxury and affordable apartments in Boston and almost everything in between. Compared to one-bedroom apartments, studios are generally more affordable, with averages approaching $ 1,750. Two-bedroom apartments can cost over $ 2,500 per month, while three-bedroom apartments average around $ 3,000. Four-bedroom apartments can be closer to $ 4,000. Again, these averages vary depending on the area of ​​Boston in which you want to rent.

How do you find cheap apartments in Boston?

If you’re hesitant to search for apartments in the city of your dreams because you think Boston is expensive, remember that Boston offers a variety of neighborhoods with a range of rental prices. You can lower the overall cost of living in Boston by targeting your apartment search to more affordable areas.

Some of Boston’s more affordable neighborhoods include Meeting House Hill, where you can find apartments averaging under $ 1,000 a month, as well as Fields Corner West and Wellington Hill. The last two neighborhoods have average rents of around $ 1,400 per month. You’ll also find relatively low rental prices in popular communities like Coolidge Commonwealth, with many apartments available for rent under $ 2,000 per month. Compare these numbers to more expensive neighborhoods with average rents over $ 3,000.

What’s the cheapest rent in Boston?

Finding the cheapest rent in Boston depends on the neighborhood you would like to live in and the type of apartment you want. For example, if you look in cheaper areas like Meeting House Hill, you can find apartments with a monthly rent closer to $ 800. You can also find lower rental prices by opting for a studio instead of a larger apartment.

Boston, Massachusetts, Cost of living: other costs

Of course, more factors play into the overall cost of living in Boston, MA than just housing costs. In addition to renting your apartment, you’ll need to budget for things like transportation, utilities, and groceries. How does Boston compare to the rest of the country for the cost of living? Well, this city has a higher cost of living index than Massachusetts and the rest of the United States. You can expect to pay more in Boston for your groceries, utilities, and transportation than in many other places across the country. Boston ranks higher on cost of living indexes in all of these categories compared to the national average. You can expect to pay less in Boston in one big category: health. Average health care costs in Boston are lower than the national average.

Understanding the cost of living in Boston can help you budget when planning a move. Even though Boston offers higher prices in many cost-of-living categories, you can still search for affordable Boston apartments for rent on Zumper.

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