A Guide to the Cost of Living in Denton, TX


When looking at the cost of living in Denton, Texas, you should know that the bustling city is located in Texas on the northern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The area has a college town vibe, as it is home to the University of North Texas (UNT). Most of the economic activity revolves around educational institutions here. The party scene is located on Fry Street, an area with a rich history and counterculture spirit, and currently home to the area’s best restaurants and bars. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of living in Denton before you move here.

Cost of living in Denton, TX

Various factors determine the cost of living in any city, such as housing, transportation, utilities, and health care costs. Denton ranks below national average compared to other cities in the United States

Since there are very few landlords in Denton and the majority of the population is dependent on rentals, rent is the single most important factor in a high cost of living. On an index where the national average is 100, Denton climbs to 101.1 compared to most other cities in Texas which rank at 84.3.

Compared to other nearby towns, Denton is a bit expensive for its residents as the main population is the younger generation, whose lifestyle drives up the cost of living.

How much does an apartment cost in Denton?

A standard one-bedroom house or apartment that many renters prefer costs an average of $ 897 in Denton. A two-bedroom house costs around $ 1,150 per month and a studio apartment costs around $ 700 per month. The prices for these homes are lower than in Metropolitan Dallas – Fort Worth and some other major cities in the state.

Find your next home in Denton

How to find a cheap apartment in Denton?

Although it can be moderately difficult, finding a cheap apartment in Denton is possible. When looking for an apartment, you can significantly reduce the cost by taking into account the main factors affecting rent rates, such as:

  • Location: Apartments that are often closer to the central business district (CBD) and other social amenities cost more. Consider living further away to reduce your rent costs.
  • Interior decoration: Fully furnished apartments with detailed interior design attract a high price tag. Therefore, go for a house without furniture or with simple decoration.
  • Apartment condition: Expect higher prices in newer neighborhoods with gated communities. However, you can find cheaper accommodation in older neighborhoods with shared amenities.
  • Utilities: You can only consider an apartment cheap when other utilities are manageable and within your budget. Before signing a lease, calculate any additional costs, such as maintenance, electricity, gas and water costs.
  • Rent a room: Renting a single room is cheaper than renting the whole house, but you still have access to the amenities. For example, when you rent a two-bedroom house that costs $ 2,000 with a roommate, you each pay half a month. However, there are some essential factors to consider before renting a room.

You can view apartment listings available from various online service providers who understand your needs to get a home within your budget despite the rising cost of living in Denton, Texas.

As a tenant, be flexible about your accommodation options. An apartment that is located where you can afford and meets your needs is an ideal choice and automatically cheaper. Many tenants use the 30% rule, which states that your rent should not exceed 30% of your income. Keep in mind that cheap depends on the market value of the apartment and your income. You can always use a rent calculator to figure out how much you should be spending on rent each month.

What’s the cheapest rent in Denton?

The cheapest rent is for a studio apartment, which costs around $ 700 in most neighborhoods. Other house sizes also have variable rents, but the most affordable one-bedroom apartment costs around $ 1,020, while a two-bedroom apartment costs $ 1,238 per month. A three-bedroom house costs $ 1,648, and a four-bedroom space costs $ 2,142 per month.

To determine the cheapest rent, consider your income, preferences, and cost of living in Denton, Texas. Once you have identified the factors most relevant to your situation, you can search for an inexpensive home. Keep in mind that landlords also factor in pet rental fees, application fees, rent deposits, and rental periods when determining the rent for your home. Therefore, you should also educate yourself about these issues when looking for a cheap home in Denton.

You can always find an apartment that suits your budget by balancing all the essentials, such as location and amenities. For example, as a professional who needs to travel every day, you can find cheap accommodation by prioritizing a prime location and compromising on social luxuries that may not apply to your lifestyle. life, like a swimming pool.

When researching the cost of living in Denton, Texas, keep your budget and monthly expenses in mind. Then start your apartment search and find your ideal home in Denton.

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