A Guide to the Cost of Living in Fort Collins, CO


As a wonderful place to live, the beautiful Front Range mountainous region of Fort Collins, Colorado offers many affordable, high quality and comfortable housing options. The cost of living in Fort Collins, Colorado may be higher than the national average, but the outdoors activities and natural features are well worth the cost. Fort Collins, Colorado is an attractive city with something for everyone, including mountains, live music, plenty of local restaurants, a beautiful arts scene, and the Colorado State University campus.

Fort Collins is Colorado’s fourth largest city, with 175,000 residents in the metropolitan area. According to our list of the best places in Colorado to live and the US News & World Report’s fifth place ranking, its location makes it one of the best places in Colorado to live. Fort Collins offers a bike-friendly downtown, historic buildings, several craft breweries, and hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails.

How much does an apartment cost in Fort Collins?

When looking for an apartment in Fort Collins, consider the neighborhood, your budget, square footage, and amenities. In general, the cost of living is a little higher than the national average, about 10% higher than this average. For an apartment outside of the city center, a one-bedroom apartment will typically cost around $ 1,198, and a two-bedroom apartment typically costs around $ 1,416. These prices are almost equal to the national average rental prices, although they may be slightly higher. When you consider the benefits of the area, the costs are well worth it for the experience you get.

However, if you are sharing a roommate, you can cut the cost in half while doubling the square footage, which is a great option for the Fort Collins price when living on a budget. Considered on a scale of 100, the cost of living in Fort Collins is around 118.3, while Colorado is 121.1. While rent does impact the average cost of living in Fort Collins, Colorado, other rental expenses are related to travel, food, health care, energy, and transportation.

How do you find cheap apartments in Fort Collins?

Finding deals in Fort Collins will often depend on the market rate and the time of year. For example, since Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University, better deals occur after the semester or school year begins. Neighborhoods closer to campus tend to be taller and generally require roommates. Ideally, you can find affordable housing by considering roommates, number of bedrooms, pets, bathrooms, and proximity to your business. A short commute could mean the difference of hundreds of dollars per month.

One way to save money on an apartment is for the unit or property to include utilities in the rental cost. Since Colorado has cooler winters, the average electricity bill in Fort Collins can be high if heating is part of the bill. When a landlord covers this expense, tenants may be able to save money.

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What’s the cheapest rent in Fort Collins?

The cost of living in Fort Collins, Colorado may seem high at first, but you can find fair, affordable, and comfortable accommodations. For example, if you’re a student and can travel a bit further to get to campus, consider the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space or check out the downtown spots. The cheapest neighborhoods are usually found in the southwestern part of the city, in Prospect, City Park Heights, and Tennyson Heights.

Does the cost of food impact the cost of living in Fort Collins?

Fort Collins, Colorado, the cost of living should always include the cost of food, even if you don’t eat out on a regular basis or aren’t budgeting. Great restaurants to choose from, which makes Fort Collins close to a food town, while general affordability is important to consider when moving. Allow around $ 430 per month for a food budget, which is lower than the national average of over $ 100 per month. Of course, one of the local farmers’ markets can provide a good deal, and many who live in Fort Collins grow their own food.

What free activities are available in Fort Collins, Colorado?

For those on a budget who want to explore the area while living in Fort Collins, Colorado, when friends are visiting, consider visiting the Fort Collins Discovery Museum and its Free Zone, or get a free tour of O’Dell Brewing Company or New Belgium Brewing Company, both with tasty beers. Cycle or walk one of the Fort Collins trails. Contact a carpooling service to get you where you need to go. Many other wildlife activities are available for those who love nature: bird watching and buffalo breeding. You will likely come across one of the many Fort Collins dogs (and their owners) that can be found throughout the city.

Remember, as you explore the various beautiful spots of the Front Range, Fort Collins is only a short distance from Boulder, a short drive from Denver, and only a few hours from Colorado Springs or the Great Sand Dunes. . Plenty of places to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, hike, and relax in a hot tub can be found in Fort Collins, and the best music is always found on Saturday nights.

Living in Fort Collins is a profitable way of life. Those who live here have a wonderful time with lots of nature, hiking, skiing and brewing. You can find plenty of free things to do in Colorado, and residents can save money by preserving utilities, finding roommates, or living in the Prospect, City Park Heights, and Tennyson Heights neighborhoods.

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