A Lovely Life Book: What Is It About?

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A beautiful book of life: what is it?

Over the past few years, I have written eleven books on building a home. Home is near and dear to my heart! It has been a joy for me to have the opportunity to design books, products and resources that will inspire an atmosphere where you can take care of yourself and those you love.

Whether you’re ready to prioritize your well-being and satisfaction with your life, your home and what you have, whether you need to tackle decluttering and organization projects, whether you want to develop both a healthy mindset and action steps to design a home and life you love, or want inspiration to decorate or gather family and friends in your home, you’ll find I wrote a book just for you!

I am delighted to introduce the latest addition to my book collection, A Lovely Life.

If you pre-order this book before May 5, you’ll also receive some nice (and free!) pre-order bonuses! (A cute life planner and botanical art prints!). Find details and get your freebies here.

What is this new book, A Lovely Life, about?

A Lovely Life is much more than a pretty book to decorate your coffee table (even if that’s it too!).

This book is filled with inspiration and practical ideas for savoring the simple joys around you and in your home. It offers gentle encouragement throughout to focus on bite-sized ideas, tasks, and states of mind as you seek, create, and savor the beauty found in every season.

Whether you experience four natural seasons where you live or not, you’ll be inspired to embrace your own rhythms and creativity at home with a seasonal mindset throughout the year.

A Lovely Life will show you how you can:

  • Practicing Simple Rhythms and Rituals for Homemaking and Soul Healing
  • Cultivate more peace, contentment and joy in your surroundings throughout the year
  • Savor simplicity in any season
  • Nourish your well-being through the beauty you create or discover around you
  • Seek to recharge in the spring, refresh in the summer, reconnect in the fall, and rest in the winter.

A Lovely Life is organized by season so you can:

  • Feel a sense of balance all year round
  • Focus on what matters most to you in your current season
  • Celebrate the beauty and gifts of each season (no matter what time of year or where you live)
  • Embrace the peace found in a seasonal rhythm/mindset/approach
  • Feel more present everyday as you prioritize and celebrate each season

A Lovely Life is all about creating the kind of atmosphere in your home that you’ve always dreamed of, one day, one season at a time. You’ll feel inspired to elevate even the most mundane moments at home and discover concrete ways to make every day a better one…all year long.

This full-color book is packed with beautiful photos and actionable advice to guide you in creating a life you love and a home you love to live in.

A Lovely Life will inspire you with simple ways to love living in your home every season.

As you explore the beauty of each season at home, you will discover:

  • Ways to create an atmosphere that will help you feel present and at peace
  • Useful ideas to make your home a sanctuary and a comfortable refuge in the world
  • Inspiration to create a more welcoming and joyful home
  • Ways to incorporate design elements that can nourish you in every season
  • How to Decorate Your Home to Reflect Your Family and Who You Are
  • Motivation to create spaces that can better serve you and your family
  • Encouragement to take care of your home so that it also takes care of you.
  • Opportunities to savor all your senses in a way that transforms the ambiance of your home
  • Practical and pleasant tasks that you can implement in every season without burdening yourself!
  • Simple household practices that will inspire you to clean, tidy and organize your way through your home one season at a time.

A Lovely Life will show you simple seasonal rhythms and routines that will improve your well-being throughout the year.

Throughout the book, you will learn to:

  • Be present in the beauty of each day and each season
  • Feel less frazzled and more aware
  • Create and savor meaningful and memorable moments
  • Practice rhythms that will feed you through every season
  • Prioritize what (and who) matters most to you
  • Create an atmosphere in your home that will inspire you

A Good Life will encourage you to savor simple joys by romanticizing ordinary everyday tasks and moments.

By reading A Lovely Life, you will feel:

  • Inspired to create simple and enjoyable nurturing moments
  • Prepared to elevate daily tasks and activities so they feel more special and meaningful
  • More intentional about finding and savoring the beauty of the season you find yourself in
  • Allowed to try new things while creating a life you love one season at a time
  • Ready to romanticize your daily chores and seasonal rituals so you can feel more pleasure in the ordinary

A Lovely Life will offer a slower, peaceful and more moving approach to creating a home and a life you love.

Through the focus on each season of the book, you will discover:

  • How to adopt rhythms that nourish you
  • Simple ways to experience more joy and peace even in difficult times
  • Verses that will inspire your life or encourage your faith
  • Ways to find a comfortable balance, ebbs and flows throughout the year and every season
  • Conscious opportunities to be more present and grateful for what you have
  • A simple plan to focus and be deliberate in your efforts so you feel less scattered and overwhelmed each day
  • Opportunities to make each season more meaningful

A Lovely Life will show you how to seize seasonal opportunities to inspire and nurture you.

As you cycle through the seasons, you’ll find simple ways to:

  • Slow down, simplify and make the most of every season
  • Experience refreshing moments in nature
  • Craft seasonal scrubs and spa-inspired room sprays
  • Soak up the benefits of herbal medicine, gardens and backyard retreats
  • Strengthen a different aspect of your well-being each season
  • Create more wiggle room and wiggle room in your home and life

A Lovely Life will help you prioritize the moments and memories that make a difference for those you love.

You will find simple ideas and opportunities to show your love to others, such as:

  • acts of kindness
  • Become more hospitable
  • Create an inviting and welcoming home
  • Create intentional and meaningful memories with people you love
  • Prioritize your intentions each season for the people and times that matter to you

A beautiful book of life: what is it?
A beautiful book of life: what is it?

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