A Simple Winter Front Porch (+ My Method for Christmas Decorating that Won’t Feel Overwhelming)

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I try to keep everything like Easy that I can with us during the whole holiday season. I’ll say more about what “simple” means to me in this article, but my porch is an example of what I consider simple decoration. I shopped online at Walmart so it was very easy to create a comfortable look that will serve us well by the holidays.

Our last house had two very small covered porches, just large enough to keep guests from getting completely soaked when they ring the doorbell on a rainy day. These porches were also cute and fun to decorate, but our new porch is large enough to sit or even hang out with a few people! YAY! It makes me happy, so I wanted to make it a festive place to take in the view with a cup of coffee on a winter morning or to chat with a friend over hot chocolate.

Recently we added some holiday sparkle for the evenings with the three lighted birch trees around the seating area (they look so magical at night!), Two navy blue plaid blankets to keep us warm when it comes. chilly in the air, and the tree woven pillows that winterized our Adirondack chairs (here are some similar chairs). Our Walmart Aquatic Mugs are big enough to keep our hands warm while we sip our coffee or hot chocolate outside!

Birch trees have bases, but we put a few in baskets, like this one and this soaked white basket.

This porch was simple to assemble, it’s decorated just enough to feel cozy and inviting yet festive enough to be worthy of the holiday season. Of course, your interpretation of what’s simple or festive enough for your home may be different from mine, and that’s how it should be!

A simple winter porch (+ my method for a Christmas decoration that won't be overwhelming)

There is a lot of inspiration online these days that can make you feel like you’re not doing enough or decorating too much. Don’t let anyone else add stress to your life or make it rain on your vacation! I hope the inspiration and suggestions in this article inspire and encourage you to do whatever brings YOU joy.

I’ve found that shopping at Walmart helps me prepare SO much for the holidays. It really is a one-stop-shop, whatever your decorating or hosting plans are. My goal for our Christmas decoration is to decorate just enough to make our home and vacation special, magical, and memorable, but not so much that I’m overwhelmed by everything around me or the process of getting ready or taking down.

My holiday decorating process begins with choosing a few key areas of my home that I would like to see a small party (a mantle, a staircase, a door, a porch, or a table, for example). Then I start with ONE of these places and give it a simple vacation touch. I can change space or stop at any time. I can always come back later to add more to any space, but I rarely do. Once it’s done I’m happy with the simple touches. It’s just enough for me! The amount of decorating that is right for you may be different each year, depending on how you are feeling, the condition of your home or life, and what you have to do this season. Give yourself permission to keep it simple, or do more if inspiration strikes!

A simple winter porch (+ my method for a Christmas decoration that won't be overwhelming)

I think the best method is to decorate is to do whatever brings you happiness and peace this season. Each season of life is a little different, so honor the one you are in right now and do what you can to feel more present. I’ll share more about this in a future post!

Holiday decorating doesn’t have to be complicated to be festive! I’ve collected some other decorating finds below!

A simple winter porch (+ my method for a Christmas decoration that won't be overwhelming)

Sources (click on the links below for more details):

A simple winter porch (+ my method for a Christmas decoration that won't be overwhelming)

Wool Ball Garland

Aqua Gold base tree

Snowflake White Cast Iron Stocking Rack – Set of 2

Wooden Bead Garland – Set of 2

Cable Knit Pom Pom Stockings – Pack of 2

Unlit green garland

Stabilized boxwood wreath

Black and white nutcracker

Natural Seagrass Christmas Tree Necklace

Metal Christmas Tree Ornaments – Pack of 3

Fir tree with burlap base

Unlit artificial Christmas tree

Blue checkered throw

Knit Christmas tree pillow (multiple color options)

Illuminated birch trees (set of 3 in different sizes)

Find more ideas here in the Walmart Vacation Home Lookbook!

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