A supercharged Blendtec blender is at the lowest price we’ve seen



I sprung for an upscale blender a few years back and I honestly can’t think of a better way I could have invested the money — except maybe buy up some of that dang Dogecoin. After my coffee maker, it is by far the kitchen appliance I use most, whipping up fast protein shakes or smoothies on most mornings. As we speak, a powerful Blendtec Classic five-speed blender is down to $190 on Woot. That’s $110 off the normal price and as low as we’ve seen this or any Blendtec blender go, but the deal is for Tuesday only or until inventory sells out.

Blendtec is right up there with other elite blender brands such as Vitamix and Breville in terms of its performance. The Classic 575 brings major power, speed and control to whip the heck out of frozen foods and dense ingredients. It’ll even pulverize raw nuts and grains for easy nut milk or to make flour from scratch. If you need some proof of Blendtec’s prowess, check out the wildly popular Will it Blend? video series, in which Blendtec takes everything from whole chickens to smartphones for a spin inside the various models (OK, we get it). 

With a 3-horsepower motor — which I believe is more than my first car — you won’t have to question whether or not it can handle a blend and you can really nail consistency down to the finest grades. 

The blender ships for free if you have Amazon Prime and it’ll arrive within the week. Trust me, if I didn’t already have a supercharged blender I love, I’d be all over this Blendtec deal. 

First published earlier this year. Updated with new deal details.