A ton of older Amazon Echo tech is available at huge discounts today (Update: Expired)


Chris Monroe/HDOT

Over the last couple of years, Amazon has worked hard to gradually improve and expand the Echo line of products. The most notable change from one generation to the next is usually audio quality, better speakers or the use of a different body shape to better fill a room with sound. As a result, if you aren’t picky about having the best possible speakers on your Echo, you can usually get one pretty cheap as soon as the newest version is out. Today the already cheaper previous-generation Echo line is on an even steeper sale, so if you want to outfit your home with smart speakers you can do so for very little. 

Here’s the lineup of deals we’ve found today:

Some of these Alexa-friendly gadgets are older than others, but all of them are useful. And at these prices, you’re absolutely going to get your money’s worth out of each of them even if all you want is something capable of responding to your commands in every room of the house. 

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