A Versatile Magnetic LED Shop Lamp

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No matter how good your shop lights are, there are always areas that will benefit from the extra photon flux. Like most bandsaws, the Grizzly bandsaw we have (I mentioned it a few weeks ago when I showed how I replaced its rubber) didn’t come with a dedicated lamp. Since I use it quite often I decided to look for a lamp that allows me to see better when I operate the saw.

Some aftermarket lamps require a permanent connection to the tool frame. Other lamps have magnetic bases (mainly one or two back ground magnets). Most lamps with magnetic bases will require you to take them out of their position if you decide to move them to another placement on the instrument or to transfer them completely to a different instrument. When I looked for lamps I discovered one that has a magnetic base that can be turned on or off with a turn of a lever. This LED lamp also had a very long and flexible neck which allows it to be easily oriented to shed light on the right spots. I bought our lamp on Amazon two years ago and have been using it successfully ever since.

Most of the time the lamp is located on the top of the frame of our band saw. The LED bulb is very powerful, even from such a high position.

Lights off

Lights on.

I love its versatility, articulation, and the fact that it can take it out of the top of the saw frame and move it onto its cast iron table to light up the blade guides when adjusting, etc. Highland Woodworking is now offering this light work, which then cost us $ 60, for just $ 39. I think this is a great deal.

You can even attach the base of this lamp to vertical surfaces.

One last tip… The lamp light switch is on the lamp head while the lever which is responsible for magnetizing the base is on the base block. If you share your shop with other people, label the lever (for the sake of clarity) or staple a paper sleeve around it to prevent others from activating it by mistake, as they may think it’s the light switch. If the magnetic base is turned off, the lamp may fall down, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

To prevent the lamp from falling to the floor due to accidental demagnetization of its base by a student, I cover the base with a paper “leg warmer”.

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