Amanda Pays and Corbin Bernsen’s Latest House Remodel

We’ve been following Amanda Pays and Corbin Bernsen for years as they jumped around Los Angeles. Amanda is an actress turned interior designer who has been remodeling for decades. Its styling is pleasantly simple, durable (because it used to be a buzzword), and thrifty: see, for example, Backyard Bunkhouse and 11 Money Saving Strategies from a Hollywood House Flipper. Her partner in the remodeling business is her husband: they lived in 25 places during their 31 years of marriage (along the way they had four sons), and Corbin – although busy playing, write and run his own production company – is a Star handyman.

After being MIA for a while, they recently resurfaced: “When Finley, the youngest of our four, graduated from high school and left for New York, Corbin and I looked at each other and agreed. that it was time for another adventure, ”she wrote to us. . “Our book, Open day, had just been released, so we decided to sell in Los Angeles and take a book signing tour across the country in search of our next project. They made it all the way to the Hudson Valley, where Amanda’s old friend, Priscilla Woolworth, has relocated, along with a surprising number of other defectors from Los Angeles. After experiencing their family’s first White Christmas, they decided to stay put.

They knew exactly what to do next: find a facility awaiting Amanda / Corbin treatment. After four weeks of real estate research, they bought a small 1880s farmhouse in Germantown, New York, which “needed it all.” They camped out in a rented loft in nearby Hudson, found a local contractor, and started the demo. “The weather dictates a lot here, which opened our eyes, coming from California, and also learning that life is slower here; I love it, ”Amanda says. This is what the place looks like a year later.

Photograph by Rebecca Westby, unless otherwise noted.

Corbin and Amanda and their sons in their new residence (the photo was taken by their eldest son & # 8
Above: Corbin and Amanda and their sons at their new home (the photo was taken by their eldest son’s girlfriend and has become this year’s greeting card). Hands-on creativity is in the family: two sons work as art directors / production designers in Los Angeles., Another is “in the start-up side of tech”, and the youngest is in film school in NYU.

The couple bought the house from third generation owners (who live nearby and were selling the house when their mother passed away). It was pale yellow with a front door that was “purple and white with a bit of turquoise thrown in it,” Amanda says. It is now painted in a greenish charcoal called Deep River and the gate is Grand Canyon Red, both by Benjamin Moore. Gentrifiers upstate have been accused of not choosing the blackish exteriors, but Amanda defends the choice: “It’s a classic color that draws attention to the architecture and looks great against the backdrop. of all these seasons. Additionally, for every dark house, there are ten white farms here. Photograph by Jessica Dube.

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