Amazon Prime Day 2021: The best Echo bundles you can buy right now

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day 2021, HDOT’s guide on everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

It’s a given that you’ll find all sorts of deals on Amazon’s Echo smart speakers and smart displays during Prime Day. The best of the bunch are often the bundles, where you’ll get said speaker or display packaged with a couple of additional gadgets that can connect with it right out of the box. Along with the bundled savings, you’re getting additional value from those extra gadgets by bringing new capabilities to your Echo once you pair everything up.

I’ve listed the best bundles of the day below, and will update this rundown whenever I spot something new, or when deals expire.


Let’s start with an deal that offers significant savings on Amazon’s Blink Outdoor security cameras. Buy a three-pack bundled with the new, 2nd-gen Echo Show 5 smart display during Prime Day, and you’ll knock more than 50% off of the total price. You’d normally need to spend more than $300 to get everything included here, and once it’s all set up, you’ll be able to check in on those outdoor cameras right from the smart display’s screen — just ask Alexa.


It’s not the newest version of the Echo Dot (keep scrolling), but if you’re willing to settle for the previous, puck-shaped version, you’ll find it bundled with the Alexa-ready Wyze Lock for a total of $86 on Prime Day. That’ll let you let you tell Alexa to lock the door when you’re on your way to bed at night.

The Wyze Lock clamps onto your existing deadbolt and uses a built-in motor to turn it, and it usually sells for over $100 on its own. That makes this a pretty decent deal (and I promise, you really aren’t missing much if your Echo isn’t shaped like a ball).


Amazon’s 4th-gen Echo Dot smart speaker (the spherical one) typically sells for $50 at full price, but it’s not difficult to catch it on sale, sometimes for as much as half off. That’s the case today, for Prime Day — and on top of that, Amazon will throw in a Bluetooth smart bulb from Sengled that can pair with the speaker for voice-activated color changes.


Want a clock on that Dot? No problem — just pay an additional $10 for the time, and get that same Sengled bulb tossed in, to boot.

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