Amazon’s collection of kid-friendly tech is all on sale today

Echo Dot Kids Edition panda version

The Echo Dot Kids Edition panda version.


Designed with bright colors and fun features to make things a little more inviting for kids, Amazon has gotten very good at making tech for younger audiences. The Kids Edition of the Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Show 5, for example, offer parental controls to keep kids safe while making sure the whole interface has kid-friendly options presented first. The same is true of the Fire tablets, available in a bunch of different sizes all focused on being bright and friendly and in many cases damage-resistant. The cool thing all of these have in common is they’re all on sale right now, and in many cases at prices matching the recent epic Prime Day deals. 

Here are all of the deals we’ve found so far:

Most of the Kids Edition tech comes in multiple colors or designs, so you can choose which look best suits your little one. And with each Kids Edition tablet or Echo you get a set of parental controls you can easily adjust from your Amazon account or the Amazon app on your phone. It’s a solid set of deals, and if you’re planning to put anything Amazon in your kids’ rooms this is a great way to start.

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