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We finally did it !! This is the final reveal of our house and it is a very good one. This is our closet reveals from every room in the house !! That’s right, I take you to every closet in our house: mine, Mike’s, Gwynnie’s, our spare bedroom and our hallway.

This is the first time that one of us Lewis has had a real big kids closet so we obviously had to do it right !! We partnered with The Container Store Custom Closets to help us design these spaces because I wanted something very specific for each space. Once everyone in the family chose the line we wanted for each room, we worked directly with The Container Store’s design team to personalize every inch of each closet. We told them what we had in our existing closets and how we wanted to hang or fold our pieces, and they offered our storage solutions, right on site. It was such a quick and easy process, and the best part? I didn’t have to think too much any part of the process.

Without further ado, scroll down to see the final results. I’m so in love with how our closets turned out and I can never go back!

amber cupboard

Here it is, in all its splendor… my closet !! I wanted something beautiful, traditional and functional, so it was obvious that I went for the Laren line. Like I said, I’ve never had a closet like this in my life, so it was a dream come true to have a perfect home for all of my clothes, shoes and accessories. I needed a whole space to hang (I have a little obsession with dresses and sweaters), a big shelf for jeans (also obsessed) and shoes !! I didn’t have or wanted a big mega closet, and I was able to fit everything perfectly.

For the cabinets and drawers, I went for the Pure White finish in the shaker style and paired everything with oil rubbed bronze hardware. Like I said, I was going for a classic, traditional look and feel, and this line and my cabinet choices did just that.

mike closet

Now that’s a real cool looking closet for a real cool guy. Mike opted for the Avera line, which has such a clean and elegant look. He chose the Dune finish, which is a matte woodgrain finish that matched perfectly with the oak in the rest of our home. It’s so clean that it’s almost hard to make this space messy, even if you’ve tried! In terms of functionality, this was exactly what Mike wanted. He worked closely with the designer of The Container Store to design the perfect space, which means: a majority hanging space for his shirts, t-shirts and jeans, an exposed shoe rack and full extension drawers. that open with a touch.

gwyneth closet

Like Mother like daughter!! Gwyneth wanted her closet to look like mine, so she chose the Laren line for her pre-teen closet as well. We also wanted to design a space for her to grow in, so we decided on a mix of pendant lights (short and long), exposed shelving and plenty of drawers – a bit of everything! One of the coolest little pieces in her closet is the built-in laundry basket, which let me tell you is a real treat when you have a messy tween !!! As I mentioned with my closet, G’s space is also made up of shaker style cabinetry in a pure white finish paired with oil rubbed bronze hardware. Simple, clean and beautiful.

bedroom and entrance closets

Rugged and functional was the name of the game here. This is what led me to choose the Elfa line for our guest rooms and our entrance closets. We use these spaces for all things and we needed them to withstand the Lewis House – which is a lot! We needed all kinds of storage solutions in our guest bedroom closet, and we designed a section for all of our stuff like suitcases, extra blankets, jackets, etc. And for our entryway, we kept it simple with space for long coats and top racks, which we use to store extra boxes with chunks and bobs. I highly recommend this line for all your spaces that are heavily used, because like I said, it’s about as sturdy and functional as it gets.

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