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Okay, everyone… it’s high time! The long-awaited jewelry roundup is ultimately here and I promise you it was worth the wait. I’m breaking down my favorite pieces (from earrings to necklaces and everything) just in time for the holiday gift season. So get ready … get ready … let’s do this thing.

My jewelry breakdown

Crampons, hoops, cuffs, climbers… you name it, I’m here. Earrings are the first place I start when designing my jewelry for the day. If I want a dressier look, I go for a little more pendant and a touch of sparkle. My everyday look, on the other hand, includes a mix of everything. These days I find myself constantly searching for my CUFF EARRING from BECKET & QUILL, LOLA NEEDLE EARRING MINI from MELISSA KAYE (which I got from my girlfriend ELYSE WALKER) and my TRI STUD EARRINGS from STONED LA.


The name of the game? LAYERS. If you ask me, when it comes to necklaces, the more the merrier. I have too much great fun swapping out different lengths and styles of my favorites to keep my stack fun and fresh. My current must-haves are the LUNA SKYE 14KT GOLD DIAMOND BAGUETTE NECKLACE, ARIEL GORDON DIAMOND FIELD NECKLACE and my MILESTONES BY ASHLEIGH BERGMAN CUSTOM DIAMOND SCRIPT ID PLATE NECKLACE.


Let’s face it… there’s a reason we were given ten fingers, right? This reason, my friends, is for the rings. Lots and lots of rings. I currently cannot leave the house without my LOGAN HOLLOWELL VIRGO CONSTELLATION RING.


Last, but not least, the bracelets! I tend to apply the same rules here as with necklaces… batteries and diapers. My absolute favorite right now is my DIAMOND AND EMERALD BEZEL BRINGLET HANDCHAIN ​​from MILESTONES BY ASHLEIGH BERGMAN.


BECKET AND QUILL: Use the code BQHEARTSAMBER for 15% off your order.

LUNA SKYE: use the code AMBERXLSKYE for free shipping and a $ 150 gift card after purchase.

Ariel Gordon Mini Helium Initial Studs

$ 150 to $ 300

Lola Melissa Kaye mini needle earring

$ 3,950

LA Stoned three-stud earrings

from $ 345

Gorjana Shimmer Double Hug

$ 55

Becket & Quill earring

$ 60

Luna Skye 14-karat gold diamond mini sword nail

$ 375

Ariel Gordon Everyday Chain Studs

$ 238 to $ 565

Starling Diamond Line earrings

from $ 200

Small twisted hoop earrings Ariel Gordon

$ 148 to $ 295

Logan Hollowell Four Point Star Chain Earring

from $ 330

Becket and Quill Lightning Bolt Earrings

$ 55 to $ 110

Starling Huggie Hoops

from $ 270

Luna Skye gold and diamond V earring

$ 450

Ariel Gordon Champion Diamond Necklace

$ 12,500

Starling Birth Flower Charm

from $ 440

Becket and Quill Onyx Heart Necklace

175 $ -275 $

Found Rae Wholeness Medium Medium Mixed Belcher Extension Chain Necklace

$ 5,250

Rae’s diamond initial found

$ 1,995

Milestones by AB Personalized Necklace with Diamond Nameplate

from $ 1,050

Luna Skye Necklace in 14k Gold with Full Baguette Diamonds

$ 4,100

Logan Hollowell Valkyrie Sword Pendant with Diamonds

from $ 1,125

Luna Skye Marquise Moonstone 14-karat gold diamond necklace

$ 750

Gorjana 14k Gold Alphabet Necklace

$ 195

Found Rae 16 “Sister Hook Medium Belcher Chain Choker

$ 3,965

Luna Skye 14-karat gold diamond mini crescent necklace

$ 500

Logan Hollowell Virgo Constellation Diamond Ring

$ 1,950

Ariel Gordon Fine Line Pavé Ring

$ 845

Luna Skye Scattered Diamond 14kt Gold Curved Bracelet

$ 950

Milestones by AB Diamond Solo Shape and Pave Band Stacking Ring

$ 735

Becket and Quill Chain Ring

$ 50

Ring set with starling pearls

$ 420

Ariel Gordon Diamond Tennis Eternity Band

$ 2,595

Gorjana Cluster White Topaze Ring

105 $

Melissa Kaye Lola Pinky Ring

$ 1,550

Gorjana Parker link ring

$ 55

Milestones by AB Diamond and Emerald or Ruby Bezel Bringlet Hand Chain

$ 800

Mauvais Oeil Luna Skye Bracelet in 14 karat gold and diamonds

$ 625

Ariel Gordon diamond drop bracelet

$ 1,825

Logan Hollowell Baby Pave Diamond Unity Bracelet

850 $

Personalized Starling Diamond Engraved ID Bracelet

$ 615

Gorjana Go To Bracelets Set

105 $

Stoned tennis bracelet LA Princess Diana LAB

$ 3,750

Becket and Quill Chunky Link Bracelet

$ 75

Logan Hollowell Mooncut Bracelet

$ 295

And it’s a wrap! Well, for now at least. Think of this as my jewelry journal that I will be updating frequently. As I add new pieces to my collection (which I will absolutely do because to be honest I have a problem… #cantstopwontstop) you can find all the details here. So add this one to your favorites because the fun is just getting started!



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