Anti-Racist Resources | All Sorts Of

We have had enough. The racial injustices the black community has endured are scandalous and the disgusting murders of so many innocent black women and men are impossible to ignore. Certainly, we haven’t done enough in our lifetime. We will not pretend to have or know the answers to everything. We are learning. We immerse ourselves in the incredible resources we have found, and it is our responsibility to share and amplify the black voices that have been overshadowed for too long. We recognize our duty to start actively using our voices and platforms to implement long-term change and we are ready. Now the question is, what are we doing to DO?

We will use our social platforms to amplify black voices.

We will continue to be inclusive in our hiring practices.

We will highlight more black business owners and creators in our interviews.

We are going to educate ourselves.

We will vote.

You can follow our platforms for interior design, but as we said the other day design can wait. Black lives cannot. Change is not easy, but we will do everything we can to make a real difference in our world. Change begins with us. Change begins with you. Join us to take a stand, amplify the black voices and make a change.

Note: We will continue to add to the list below as we discover more.

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