April Favorites – Homey Oh My

PILLOWS- Anthracite velvet lumbar pillows

Sorry, I have no link for these lumbar pillowcases (I got them on Etsy years ago, they are no longer available), but consider them as a potential inspiration for the style bed. I go through styling phases of our bed differently, most of the time without styling it at all and just keeping it on the pillows we sleep on, but every now and then I bring back some things from my pillow collection and I concluded that it was my favorite combo. It looks so clean and stays minimal / not a pain to remove at night and reinstall during the day. Again, I don’t style the bed at all, but it’s really fun to do it once in a while.

April Favorites - Homey Oh My
April Favorites - Homey Oh My 10

Some of my favorite things during the month of April.

And since I get questions every time this blanket pops up, I got it from eBay years ago, which is also no longer available through the seller I got it from. I found a similar one here (lots of different sizes and color options).

April Favorites - Homey Oh My
April Favorites - Homey Oh My 11

LIGHTING- Hay Matin table lamp

One of those things that was love at first sight without a hint of doubt. Paper lampshades are making a resurgence, and the pleated design of it feels both classic and updated at the same time. Comes in a variety of colors (has been tempered by green) but white seemed to me the most timeless, surprised. He currently lives in the office but I imagine that he will finally live on a sideboard in the family room which I hope to tackle quickly when the world has returned to normal!

April Favorites - Homey Oh My
April Favorites - Homey Oh My 12

LIGHTING- Gantri World table lamp

It’s apparently lighting month. Lighting is probably my favorite detail to consider for any space. It is one of the most formal and functional elements of the house, a combination for which I live, and I love when it can be something sculptural and decorative like this. I teamed up with Gantri to present this lamp on my IG feed last month, which was exciting because I have long admired their unique and modern lighting designs. They worked with Dims to design this one, which I also love, made using sustainable manufacturing practices in California. I love their business philosophy and they do something really special to have a positive impact on the way designer lighting is made.

April Favorites - Homey Oh My
April Favorites - Homey Oh My 13

COOK- Coconut bread

The simplest and most delicious way to make yourself a coconut cake. Exploded me how good it was. It was a great excuse to get an almond extract that I now want to put in everything I cook. Makes the whole house smell amazing too. It’s so fluffy, moist and the cherry on top looks like you paid $ 9 for a slice in a bakery, but no, you did. Coconut lovers – it’s mandatory.

April Favorites - Homey Oh My
April Favorites - Homey Oh My 14

COOK– Chicken skewers, basmati rice and roasted carrots

It was one of our favorite dishes that we prepared last month. In my search for a kebab recipe since Oleg expressed this desire, I came across this culinary blog which recommended this meal combo with all the recipes and it was so simple and good. The first time we tried a yogurt-based marinade, which made the chicken tender and tangy. The sweet crispy red onions on the skewers are essential and were perhaps my favorite part. The rice was fragrant and fed us for days, and even though I thought the carrots looked boring, I trusted the recommendation to do them and it was a great thing to accompany this meal. I bought Trader Joe’s hummus and the naan we already had in the freezer. While I ideally wanted pepperoncini peppers, a side of dill pickles was perfect too. Making this outside on the grill was like summer!

April Favorites - Homey Oh My
April Favorites - Homey Oh My 15

COOK- Carbonara

We never make pasta at home, but this quarantine allows us to expand and experiment a lot with what we cook, giving us the freedom to satisfy any desire, and for many months we have been talking about wanting it carbonara. We followed Binging’s video with Babish on the basics of carbonara, following his “old-fashioned” instructions although we used pancetta because that’s what we had. It doesn’t look like much because many haven’t gone there, and it’s an amazing example of a dish greater than the sum of its parts. This is the dish we go to whenever we want a bowl of comforting pasta.

April Favorites - Homey Oh My
April Favorites - Homey Oh My 16

SKIN CARE- Rosehip seed oil

I have known for a while that I really like using oils as a moisturizer, then recently I came across a dermatologist on TikTok (lol) who recommended rosehip seed oil as an excellent moisturizer which helps reduce scars acne. From time to time, I get a bad breakout that scars and I have had one for a few months that was really stubborn. I clearly noticed that once I started using it, the scar picked up much faster to disappear – it’s gone! I used it as a nighttime moisturizer and while it is deeply hydrating, it is also soothing to put on, especially since I have combined it with a facial massage about twice a week. I am referring to this video for lymphatic massage and to this video for face lifting massage. I don’t bet on this kind of thing to transform and reverse the aging of my face, but I know it feels good and I really appreciate it.

April Favorites - Homey Oh My
April Favorites - Homey Oh My 17

HAIR- Conditioner

I received the new line of hair products from Klorane as PR and the most notable item by far is the conditioner. I haven’t used a conditioner on my hair for years. I gave up on this thing a long time ago because it just felt like a heavy waxy or oily coating and I couldn’t tell if it was giving me any benefits. I was almost not even going to try this because I basically stopped believing in the conditioner, but it ended up being so good. My biggest hair concern, and the reason I dread taking showers, is how frizzy and unruly my hair gets after getting wet. I learned how to deal with this by taking a shower in the evening, letting my hair air dry, then sleeping on it so that it is a little messy in the morning and I can style it afterwards. I noticed immediately after air drying that my hair looked more silky and not as spoiled as usual. The conditioner easily removed my tangles in the shower and didn’t feel heavy at all. In fact, I felt that it may not have been creamy enough, which makes sense that it does not weigh or that my hair is not coated at all. I am shocked that I will use the conditioner again from now on – this one !!


Fred again ..- Kyle (I found you)
Lane 8, POLIÇA – The brightest lights


Serious bathroom inspiration – the tile laying models you need to know

Looking for a place to put the large size of this mirror in our home!

Almost all of my inspo cuisine currently comes from this Swedish kitchen cabinet company.

A new Instagram account of interiors that I appreciate.

Everything at Rypen is at -20%. They have so many of my favorite Scandinavian brands!

The pregnancy made me want all that is spicy and I had a hot sauce. This sweet green spicy sauce is delicious, slightly spicy and I liked it on the burritos / eggs for breakfast and all the proteins. This smoked tamarind sauce is my favorite, but I wouldn’t consider it spicy. It’s like an extra tart barbecue sauce. I put it on everything and it works.

The mules that I shared a few months ago in stories that many of you have gone crazy with are now available online!