Around the House - 4th of July

Around the House – 4th of July

Around the house - July 4

I I had just uploaded phone photos from July 4 and thought I might share them on the blog for memories, you know?

This shot of Jack in the Dutch door was spontaneous, he was so hesitant to jump on the door but he does it all alone now!

Around the house - July 4
Similar Wingback outdoor chairs / Our white door

I had just cut my climbing roses, they were filled with roses a few weeks ago! We have everything ready and ready for another set of flowers. They did so well against the fence! I could add another trellis next year. Same thing with Star Jasmine on the other side!

It’s still my favorite place in the morning! You can see the water, but it’s still a bit sheltered from the sun. Do you see this wild vine on my porch? I had no idea what it was at first, it started growing in a random place, so I put it in this jar. It turns out that it is a honeysuckle. It went beyond the little trellis I had in the pot!

Around the house - July 4
Click to Striped rug Source – My Annie Selke Rug Design!

Jack likes to wear his bandana. LOL!

Around the house - July 4
Farm sink / Brass tap / Wall lights / All cooking sources

Our hydrangeas are blooming all over our yard. We have a lot of blue hydrangeas and a white one. It’s so much fun to cut them and make bouquets for the house. Of course, I had to do the blogger thing and put them in the sink to take their photo. Haha.

Around the house - July 4
Around the house - July 4
Similar blue and white coffee chairs / Similar woven chairs: one, two, three

We still love our Trex deck! Lily too. It was a wonderful addition to our home. We have spent more time here than ever, now that we are still at home :).

Speaking of being at home, stay tuned next week because I want to talk about our indoor floor plan and some ideas I had :).

Around the house - July 4

The bedroom inspired on Instagram

Do you follow me on Instagram stories? Every day, I share snippets of my life and my home there (from my morning coffee routine to what my family and I work at home, the peaks from my garden, my walks in the neighborhood, decorating tips, sources and more).

It was particularly fun to connect with so many of you there during this season when there are so many of us at home. If you’re not on Instagram, I also connect my Instagram stories to my Facebook page so you can watch them too. I would be delighted to follow you!

FAQ and sources

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