As a Quilt, Rug, and Wall Art

Tasked with transforming a white-box condo into a ‘city retreat’ in the Seattle Capitol, interior designer Lisa Staton took a Scandinavian minimalist approach focused on tranquility: ‘We layered neutral tones and worn special attention to the shapes and silhouettes of everything. ”For inspiration, Staton turned to everything from Shaker design to Parisian pied-à-terre and historical abstract art. It’s the latest reference that Caught Our Attention: Staton enlisted a Quilt Neighbor to create a wall hanging inspired by one of Josef Albers’ most famous. Tribute to the place paintings.

Would Albers approve himself? Hard to know, but having taught at the Bauhaus and married to the great textile artist Anni Albers, he would probably understand the urge to translate his work into fiber. See what you think.

Photograph by Kara Mercer courtesy of Lisa Staton Interior Design.

The apartment & # 8
Above: Shades of the apartment’s driftwood palette extend to the comforter, which hangs over a woven-leather oak bench purchased at the Rose Bowl flea market.

Inspired by the cover of an exhibition catalog by Josef Albers, Staton came up with the idea for the quilt and got the green light from his client. It’s sewn by Staton’s neighbor, Pippin Christiansen: “Pippin is a college Spanish and art teacher, and also a quilter and craftsman out of hobby and passion,” Staton tells us. “We thought about Etsy, but when I pitched the idea to Pippin, she was happy to collaborate.”

The apartment & # 8
Above: The apartment’s big draw are its floor-to-ceiling windows, which Staten edged with very sheer wool curtains “to soften the view of the city.” The duvet is suspended in the living / dining room combination.
Staton says Pippin & # 8
Above: Staton says Pippin’s work is generally bold and brilliant: “We did a bunch of test squares and mockups, and on two occasions Pippin tipped me over to her house because she was worried that the three fabrics chosen do not have enough contrast. I had to reassure her that the subtle combination was what we were looking for for the space.
The quilt is made of Ulster Linen, Pippin & # 8 fabric
Above: Quilt is made from Ulster Linen, fabric from Pippin’s favorite source, Quilty Box, and offcuts from Staton’s office. It costs $ 350, hardware not included, and Pippin is open to other commissions: contact her via Instagram @pippinriver.
Josef Albers Midnight and Noon, a hardcover catalog from David Zwirner Books, is what inspired Staton.  The catalog accompanied the David Zwirner & # 8 gallery
Above: Josef Albers midnight and noon, a hardcover catalog by David Zwirner Books, is what inspired Staton. The catalog accompanied Josef Albers’ 2017 exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery, which focused on the artist’s fascination with black, white and gray, and his study of squares throughout his career. Photography via David Zwirner Books.

For another tribute to Albers squares, see A Model at Home: A Parisian Loft Inspired by Josef Albers.

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