BAD Guild Founder Malene Barnett Launches a Wallpaper Collection with Lulu & Georgia

If there’s one person who is best described as a multi-hyphen, it’s Malene Barnett. The founder of the Black Artists + Designers Guild, which amplifies the work and voices of black creatives, added another achievement to her already impressive resume. Barnett has teamed up with Lulu & Georgia to launch a special collection of colorful, texturally rich wall coverings, all inspired by his ceramics. The version offers five styles of wall coverings, ranging from $ 168 to $ 178 per roll, which can be purchased at

Like his striking works of art that so carefully illuminate the African diaspora, this collection – called Kindred – aims to “celebrate black culture, joy and heritage together.” It is also designed to encourage consumers to experiment with patterns and different textures in their home. “This is the opportunity to try something new based on different comfort levels,” Barnett said. Good Housekeeping. “You already know what a space without patterned walls looks like, so why not try something else? Go for it ! “

malene barnett lulu and georgia wallpaper collection

Artist and activist Malene Barnett at work.


But the Kindred wallcovering collection also has a deeper meaning: “My experience working with textiles and ceramics has always been multidimensional. I never think of the fabric as a flat surface and always bring three-dimensional elements to enhance the details. And it’s the same philosophy I use to design wallpaper or even work with clay. Also, I wanted the wall coverings to be tactile, so when you get close to the surface you feel connected, not only to the patterns but to the materials as well. “

If you’re ready to connect with Malene’s latest work, purchase her full collection of wallpapers below.

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