Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Help You Avoid an All-Day Scrub Session

Bathrooms can be the hardest areas of our homes to clean – a 2018 study by the American Cleaning Institute found that 52% of those surveyed feared bathrooms more than any other area when it comes to tidying up. The study also found that the average American spends about six hours a week cleaning, and a third of those still feel it’s not enough.. Dividing bathroom chores into manageable chunks can make better use of that time and reduce the urge to postpone things until they are truly dire. Making a regular checklist of easy cleaning tasks will make your bathroom a pleasant sanctuary and save you time and effort down the road. Try these touch-ups every few days and spend your days off doing something else – literally anything.

Touch up the toilet

Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Help You Avoid an All-Day Scrub Session

Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber

It’s everyone’s least favorite task, but keeping your toilet clean and hygienic is necessary – not only to keep the bathroom sparkling, but also for your health. In a famous 1975 Applied microbiology study led by Dr Charles P. Gerba, research has shown that germs can not only be flushed out of your toilet as droplets, but also live on the porcelain itself.

While a deep disinfection of every surface on and around your toilet should be done weekly, you can make this a little easier by cleaning the bowl regularly, which will keep hard stains and disgusting residue away and reduce germs at the source. A quick pass with a wand-type cleaner such as Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber only takes a minute, and this one works like a triple threat – scrubbing texture and angled head quickly removes dirt and residue even in crevices, built-in bleach alternative disinfects and pumice stone deals with hard water build-up. Disposable brush heads also eliminate another common germ culprit in your bathroom – the reusable toilet brush, which experts say often harbors bacteria.

Do lots of laundry in the bathroom

clean laundry

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You probably wash your personal towels regularly, but hand towels and fabric bath mats tend to be thrown in laundry less often – and can be hotbeds for germs and funky odors. Experts recommend that you wash towels every three to four uses to keep them cooler, which probably equates to once a week. To make your life easier, consider getting a backup set so you can easily swap it out in a clean mat when you need it.

But wait! Fabrics aren’t the only thing you can add to the spin cycle. Did you know you can wash your shower curtains and liners as well as? They are designed to withstand hot water and the natural agitation of your washing machine with regular detergent is an ideal way to loosen mildew and mildew. You can even throw them away with your towels.

Take soap scum and mold to work

Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Help You Avoid an All-Day Scrub Session

Scotch-Brite® Advanced Scrub Dots Scrubbers

Regular rubbing will keep showers and tubs from collecting dirt, meaning an effortless wiping with a scratch-resistant sponge is all you need. Even more good news: Liquid tile and grout cleaners often benefit from being left alone to work their magic for a few minutes.

A few times a week, take a moment to spray your bath or shower with one of the our recommended cleaners, then dislodge any remaining buildup and let it all sparkle using the Scotch-Brite® Advanced Scrub Dots Scrubbers. Not just for the kitchen, these hexagonal sponges have a unique texture that can scrub without scratching, with a thick texture that makes great shower walls and tubs.

Maintain your mirrors

clean the bathroom mirror

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A major mirror can make even a small bathroom more open. But nothing spoils this effect like a spray of stray buildup of toothpaste, loose hair, and fingerprints. Pro tip: Every 10 days or so, after you get out of the shower, spray glass cleaner on and wipe off with a soft cloth. The heat and steam will soften the grime and make your job even easier.

If you want to go the extra mile, here’s a simple tip to keep your mirror from fogging up after a shower, which means you don’t have to wipe or slip with your hands to be able to see your reflection – a key source of smear and fingerprint. Polish a droplet of strong dish soap in a clean, dry mirror with a paper towel. It might sound strange, but just keep going until it disappears. This will create an invisible barrier that will keep your mirror clear for about two weeks with no extra effort.

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