Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Resale

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Resale: Bathrooms and kitchens are the major areas of a house that catches the eyes of the buyers when house is on resale. Every corner of the house including flooring, structure, paint, furnishing etc matters a lot; but the space of kitchen and bathroom is the most demanded by all. If these two are spacious, it is like half battle won. You are sure to win their hearts and almost very close to crack a deal.

The bathroom remodels ideas for resale are a superb idea to lend a new look to the house and do not cost you much. Rather, remodelling a home bathroom successfully averages 60 to 65 percent of return of what has been invested and at times it is 100 per cent as well as per the review of some homeowners. Now, the question arises, how can you remodel your bathroom that it qualifies your house for resale in the eyes of the buyer?

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Resale
Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Resale

Well, the buyer invests the best amount he can and so does not want any hassle on its repairing again. Hence, everything needs to be in perfect frame. A great deal is one that makes both the parties; the buyer and seller satisfied and happy. So, think modishly and add a timeless touch to your bathroom with the below given remodel ideas for resale:

Statement Tub

Tubs turn out to be an amazing add-on especially when you are thinking to remodel your bathroom for resale. In addition, modern taps and steam rooms play an important role too. So, from everything big to small, all contributes a lot in marking a dash statement. You can also lend your bathroom a luxurious look by adding trendy tiles, panels and vivacious veneers in respect to the interior theme. A bathtub should be a combo of natural and stylish both that captures the look of the purchaser instantly.

Barn Door

The entrance is just like an introduction to the interior. So, the door of the bathroom should also be attractive as must go right with the idea of its designing. The regular door comprises of a normal procedure: scouring, selecting, painting and installing. But if you desire for something different with a surety that it will lend a perfect remodelling to your bathroom then barn door is an awesome idea.

Barn doors look lovely when installed and have been an evergreen trend mark. These doors lend a more spacious look to your bathroom as they occupy less space in comparison to other doors. You are definitely going to love the wide range of these bathroom doors as they are available in wood and all sort of glass too. So, the choice is all yours.

Faux Wood Tile

The perfect selection of tiles to beautify your bathroom can not only remodel its look but can give a boost to your resale target. Faux wood tiles will act as a true game changer. The spa appeal that this faux wood tile creates is inexpressible in words. You can just feel it deeply.

Such style tiles leave a calming impression and this also justifies the reason as to why lots of spa designs comprise water, greenery, falls, wood etc. Faux wood tiles are available in affordable to high range, whichever suits your pocket. Each has its own look and can mingle well with the design of your home too. Just make sure not to miss spa appeal factor.

Sheathe The Sink with Concrete

Remodel your bathroom in such a way that its overall look fascinates the buyer thereby convincing them in every way. The sink is also a considerable aspect that grabs the attention of the buyer and makes the chances of resale stronger. Laminated sinks are no more in trend and do not appeal the buyers anymore. So why not to think of something new!

Here comes the idea of a concrete overlay. Sheathing the sink with concrete can be done in the way you like. Few people love its raw – industrial touch, few love its dotted, marbled or flecked finish. As it is a more like DIY project, concrete might bother you if you do not follow proper technique but if done smartly, you are sure to win the hearts of the buyers when it is about resale. Moreover, if executed well, then it won’t even cost you what you expected.

You can even change your mirror in accordance with the concrete look of your sink and upgrade your bathroom hardware smartly for a chic remodel look.

Utilize Vertical Space for Storage

Buyers always look for good space when it comes to the bathroom. So, act smart and make the maximum use of available space in such a way that it remains ample spacious even when equipped with every required necessity. Minor changes can add major space to your bathroom. Are you thinking about how it is possible?

Well, the wall of the bathroom mounts many opportunities for operational decor. One such idea is to use the wall space place your single vanity cabinet in a vertical space. Another way could be to prefer open shelves in spite of covered ones. The more modishly you decor it, the more space you can make and the less you can spend. These bathrooms remodel ideas are the most trending and will prove great from a resale point of view.

Upgrade your home bathroom with above given remodel ideas and crack the resale deal responsively with the desired pricing. Luxury is an evergreen demand. So, lend it a change that no buyer has thought of yet and is not ready to give up now on those essentials.

Do share your success remodel ideas too.

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