Bathroom Upgrades You Can Make for a Modern Look

Bathroom Upgrades: If your bathroom is not as pleasant and attractive as it once was, it may be because it is outdated and uninteresting. The colour scheme is no longer in fashion, and the tiles are discoloured or faded. Additionally, you may start noticing that its fixtures and hardware are worn out and look like they have seen better days.

A modern bathroom is typically minimalist, which you may imagine being boring and lacking character. However, this idea is not accurate at all. A stylish, minimalist bathroom is organized, free of clutter, pleasing to the eyes, and comfortable. It is essential to keep your bathroom this way as it is the most frequently used room of the home.

Bathroom Upgrades

Therefore, it should have all the amenities to ensure a pleasant experience for anyone who uses it. Fortunately, you can find quality and attractive shower enclosure sets that would indeed look great in your bathroom and make your showering experience even more relaxing after a long day.

Bathroom Upgrades

Here are some bathroom upgrades you can make to give it a modern look.

Change your colour scheme

The most typical colour scheme of bathrooms in the past were neutral colours and white. Many people prefer these shades as they make the room look clean, which is what a bathroom is supposed to be. Just the same, there is no reason why you cannot try a different colour scheme to add character to your bathroom and give it a stylish look.

Shades of green, blue, and charcoal grey are some ideas that are trendy and perfect for the bathroom. At the same time, you can repaint your ceiling in a lighter shade of your chosen colour scheme.

Get rid of tiles and use vinyl flooring for a sleek look.

If tile is what you want, go ahead and cover your bathroom in them as they can easily be taken care of and installed with ease. However, if you’re not content with the traditional look, there are always other options such as luxury vinyl. Vinyl flooring is very versatile, non-permanent flooring that can be installed without too much effort. It has a high quality finish and will look amazing in the bathroom. It is also easy to clean and maintain which makes it perfect for a bathroom.

Change your sink and taps

There are so many different types of sinks and taps available for bathrooms from many different manufacturers. You can mix and match until you find something that matches your bathroom perfectly. For example, if you install long thin tiles on the wall around the sink, you might want to opt for a slim faucet so as not to take up too much space.

Deal with the flooring

One thing that is not given enough attention when upgrading the bathroom is its flooring. Nevertheless, replacing damaged, worn-out flooring with more modern tiles is necessary to achieve that trendier appearance. In addition, it is best to choose tiles that complement the bathroom walls and create a more spacious impression for a smaller bathroom.

While ceramic tiles are the most popular type of bathroom flooring, they do not always give a stylish look. In this case, you can opt for more modern alternatives such as natural stone tiles or wooden planks.

The only drawback to these materials is that they can be considerably more expensive than traditional ones. To achieve a trendy look with less cost, you can go for wall-mounted tiles which allow you to only use the space above the floor.

In addition to replacing flooring, it is also a good idea to install a shower area rug . This will protect the floor from getting slippery and give your bathroom a more chic look. You can choose from rugs in various shapes and colors.

Replace light fixtures

A bathroom should have suitable lighting to provide it with a relaxing atmosphere. Many bathrooms have fluorescent lights that may offer a harsh brightness, which is not very attractive. Instead, it would help if you considered lights with dimmer options, so you choose the amount of illumination you want when you are inside.

For example, if you are relaxing in the tub, dimming the light and lending a calming atmosphere inside the bathroom would be more relaxing. Lights around the mirror help as you perform your regular bathroom routines such as applying make-up, brushing your teeth, shaving, etc. It would be a good idea to have 2-3 lights inside the bathroom.

Safety Feature

Lighting is not only about aesthetics; it also serves as an important safety feature inside your bathroom. With bright lights (and nightlights also), you can keep your house safe from intruders and avoid accidents that may happen especially if you are half asleep or in the shower with your eyes closed.

Accent lighting may be installed to highlight specific features of the bathroom like the tub or sink fixtures, or even to create a lovely atmosphere in case you are entertaining guests in your bathroom.

Add decorative lighting

Adding decorative lights is another aspect that you can upgrade for an elegant look inside your bathroom. These can be used to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere.

You can have string lights installed around the perimeter of the room, or something more dramatic like sconces on the wall to highlight an area where you want some accent lighting. You can also adjust some lights so they are directed at favorite pieces of art inside your bathroom.

Consider bringing plants in

Plants have a unique way of beautifying any space, and the bathroom is no exception. They thrive better there because of the humidity inside. They also keep the air cleaner- they are natural purifiers that absorb the toxins inside the room while releasing oxygen. They, of course, enhance the room’s appearance.

Your bathroom deserves as much attention as the rest of your home, maybe even more. Because you use it frequently for your personal routines, it is best to make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible. That way, you and your family members can always have the best experience when they use the bathroom.


Upgrading your bathroom is a great way to give it a modern look. You can change the colour scheme, deal with the flooring, replace light fixtures, and bring plants in to make it more attractive. Additionally, these tips will help you achieve a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

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