Beautiful + Organized Office Spaces

Beautiful and organized office spaces
Green Recessed Bookcases via Country Living

reo do you have a home office? I feel like we all probably need space to work at home, even if it’s just enough room to efficiently run our home or even organize our hobbies. I had some organization in mind this month because I’m going to be reorganizing my office and getting back into a routine.

I worked from home for over a decade running my own business, but every time we moved or needed to use our space differently, I had to adjust how and where I worked. Using my space well is so important to my proper functioning throughout the day (or not functioning as the case may be, haha).

The last year has been a bit of a chaos, between writing my last book, two of our three kids coming home, and all the craziness of stay-at-home orders etc. Now that my daughter Courtney has moved again (out of the basement apartment and into her new apartment!) I have more room for myself and to play with so I can’t wait to get started! I’ll be sharing soon how I’m going to use the reclaimed space, but first, here are some organized office spaces that inspire me! Hope they inspire you too.

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