Before and After: New Entryway Lantern Light Fixture

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One of the first things we almost always do when we move into a new home is turn off the wall or ceiling light fixtures. One by one, it’s a pretty easy way to improve the look or add your own personality and give a new style to a home.

You may have noticed that we put a new ceiling lantern in our entryway (above). And if you followed our bedroom refresh in January, you might even recognize the new light fixture! This is the sea lantern I ordered for our room!

When it arrived, I fell in love with it. It is so beautiful. The navy is very soft and subtle and the touch of brass is lovely. I couldn’t help but think how adorable it would be in our entryway.

Below is the light that was in our front entrance.

Before and after: new entrance lantern light fixture
Before and after: new entrance lantern light fixture

Not bad light at all! But a fun opportunity to add character.

It never hurts to try out a light fixture (or anything for your home!) in a different location than you might have originally planned, just to see! Of course, I knew this light would have looked wonderful in our bedroom too, but once we hung it here (temporarily at first) in the entryway, it felt like it was meant to be.

The ceiling in this small entryway is high enough that the light fixture doesn’t seem too big even though it’s hanging down and certainly won’t get in the way (even if you’re tall!), but the scale is important enough in this space that he makes a statement right at the front door. I’ve always loved the coastal vibe of lanterns, so I love that this one sets the tone for our home.

The only thing is that I have to find a new light fixture for our room! Ha! But it is okay. I’m so glad we found the perfect lantern for our entryway.


Ceiling lantern (several color options)

More details on entry and sources HERE in my last post

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