Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year Is a Classic, Versatile Shade

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your space, look no further than Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year. Their selection is Blank Canvas, a versatile white that they hope will make people feel positive energy and see unlimited possibilities in their homes.

On September 14, Behr unveiled that Blank Canvas was their color of the year selection. Behr and The Home Depot invited journalists, myself included, to Shou Sugi Ban House to unveil the color of the year. And the Hamptons spa retreat that was the perfect setting for this crisp, neutral color.

“As we’re looking at lifestyle trends for the upcoming year 2023, we’re really seeing nostalgia, versatility, wellness, and comfort as those driving factors that influence color palettes for the coming year,” Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at Behr Paint, told us at the unveiling.

Woelfel explained that the color really delivers on its name—it’s the perfect backdrop for any style, and can easily be paired with any other colors, patterns, and textures. It can be used on walls to create a relaxing atmosphere, or on furniture and cabinetry as more of an accent color.

“Blank Canvas is a color that never goes out of style—it is a classic,” says Woelfel.

Blank Canvas is a color that never goes out of style—it is a classic.

Courtesy of Behr

A Relaxing Neutral Fit for Any Style

After years of uncertainty, a warm neutral might be just the thing for people looking to bring some relaxation into their home.

“People are looking for that reset button,” Woelfel says. “They’re creating yoga studios, meditation spaces, spa-like bathrooms. Really creating those sanctuaries where they can enjoy life with their friends, their families, and maybe even having a bit of alone time.”

Courtesy of Behr

White can be a notoriously difficult color to choose, and there are a surprising number of shades from warm whites to cooler whites. But by choosing Blank Canvas as their color for 2023, Behr has made it easy to choose the perfect white shade.

And Sarah Fishburne, The Home Depot’s Director of Trend & Design, tells The Spruce that it’s a great color for any design style. Fishburne explains that there seem to be two spectrums of design trends happening at the moment: bold maximalism featuring bright and daring colors, and a more natural modern style—and with Blank Canvas, you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can actually opt to decorate one room in your home in a bolder way and another in a more classic, toned-down way.

“In the past, a color very much lends itself to an aesthetic and a design, and in this case, it really does go across and that was really important for us because people are really embracing all of it,” she says.

A Personalizable Shade

Woelfel also noted that Blank Canvas is completely customizable and adaptable to different colors and styles. “This color you can layer with other whites, with creamy ivories, with other neutrals,” she says. “We’re also seeing it paired with black. If you really want to up the drama factor, black is a wonderful contrast.” She also noted it pairs well with more nature-inspired shades like greens and blues.

And Fishburne says it’s not a color that is limited to certain areas of the home. “It’s a color that you can go from the mailbox through the backyard. It can be on the walls, it can be on the ceilings, it can be on your trim, it can be on cabinetry,” she says.

Woelfel tells The Spruce that she hopes people see Blank Canvas as a classic staple that anyone can bring into their decorating scheme, and combine with layers of textures, colors, and patterns.

“It’s really the foundation that we’re hoping will give people a fresh start,” she says.

Behr Paints can be bought exclusively at The Home Depot, and Blank Canvas is available in Behr’s Dynasty, Marquee, Ultra, and Premium Plus paint formulas.

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