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Tool: Benchtop personal DC dust collector Buy now

Producer: Oneida

MSRP: $ 599

Dust is really the bane of the electric tool carpenter. It’s also dangerous, especially if you spend a lot of your time working with wood. Dust collection on stationary tools and portable tools (connected to a dust extractor) is getting better and better, but there are still times when you are unable to effectively collect the dust at the source. This is where Oneida’s new bench vacuum cleaner comes into play.

The benchtop DC personal dust collector is powered by six fan motors, generating 535 CFM. Its compact and portable design means you can mount it on a bench (or close to where you’re working). This means you can catch even fine dust before it spreads through the air. This solves the problem of dust collection with all those tools that are only difficult or very inconvenient to use with proper dust collection: rotary tools, hand sanding, spiral saw jobs, etc. It also comes with an extra 110 volt socket for power tools and accessories.

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