Best Decorating on a Budget Ideas for a Fresh, New Look

Write an article about how many people feel like they have to spend a lot of money in order to have a beautiful home. But that’s simply not the case! There are many different ways you can decorate on a budget and achieve a fresh, new look for your home. You can start by decluttering and reorganizing your space, painting or wallpapering one wall to make a statement, adding some new art or photos, or shopping at thrift stores and yard sales for unique finds. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a whole new look for your home – get creative and have fun!

Best Decorating on a Budget

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh, new look but you’re working with a tight budget, there are still plenty of options available to you. One of the easiest and most effective ways to update your space is by painting the walls. A new coat of paint can dramatically change the feel of a room, and it’s relatively inexpensive to do. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try out a new paint color.

Another way to change up your space is by rearranging the furniture. This can be especially effective in small spaces, as it can create the illusion of more space. If you have any extra wall art or decorations, now is the perfect time to put them up. By making small changes like these, you can give your home a whole new look without breaking the bank.

Shelves Over Cabinets

In this kitchen, the cabinetry is contained to just the lower half of the room, while shelves and hanging rails are used in place of cabinets up top. This design is ideal for small kitchens as it frees up space and makes the room feel more open. It also allows you to show off your favourite dishes, glassware and cookbooks, creating a stylish focal point in the room.

If you’re considering a similar design for your kitchen, be sure to choose sturdy shelving that can support the weight of your belongings. And if you’re lacking in storage space, look for ways to add hidden storage, such as using racks for hanging pots and pans or installing a spice rack inside a cupboard door. With careful planning, you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen that perfectly suits your needs.

Best Decorating on a Budget
Best Decorating on a Budget

Recycled Barn Wood Bench

This mudroom bench was made with a piece of old barn wood painted white. This is a low-cost solution that is simple to create. The process begins by removing the old paint from the barn wood. Next, the wood is sanded and primed. Once the primer has dried, the wood is painted with a white paint. Finally, the bench is assembled and placed in the mudroom. This bench will provide a place for people to sit and take their shoes off, while also adding a touch of rustic charm to the space.

Salvaged Kitchen Chairs

When shopping for kitchen chairs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the material. Do you want chairs that are made of wood, metal, or plastic? Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, wood chairs are typically more durable than plastic chairs, but they can be more expensive.

Metal chairs can be very sturdy, but they may not be as comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Second, think about the style of the chairs. Do you want something traditional or contemporary? Armless or with arms? Upholstered or not? Once you’ve narrow down your choices, it’s time to start shopping around. Check furniture stores, garage sales, and online retailers to find the perfect kitchen chairs for your home.

Hand-Painted “Wallpaper”

Nothing adds personality to a room quite like a custom paint job. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy or create a more sophisticated feel, hand-painted wallpaper is a great way to achieve the look you want. And the best part is, it’s easy to do yourself and doesn’t require any specialized equipment.

All you need is a sponge brush and some leftover paint, and you can transform any room in your home. If you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of tutorials and step-by-step guides available online. So don’t be afraid to experiment—with hand-painted wallpaper, the sky’s the limit.

Clothes Rack

A clothes rack is an essential piece of furniture for any home, especially if you’re short on space. Clothes racks come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. They’re also relatively inexpensive, so you won’t have to break the bank to get one. Plus, clothes racks are easy to assemble and don’t require any tools, so you can set it up in no time. Whether you need a place to hang your clothes to dry or you just need extra storage, a clothes rack is a great solution.

Painted Coffee Table

One way to update the look of your living room without spending a lot of money is to paint your coffee table. You can choose a color that coordinates with your existing furniture or goes with the new color scheme you have in mind for the room. If you don’t want to paint the entire table, you could use stencils to create a design on the top or sides. You could also paint the legs of the table a different color for a two-tone effect. If you’re not confident in your painting skills, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your coffee table into a whole new piece of furniture.

Bistro Kitchen Table

When it comes to choosing a kitchen table, there are many factors to consider. Size, shape, and materials are all important factors that will affect both the function and the look of your table. If you’re tight on space and budget, a small bistro table is a great option for your kitchen dining needs. Bistro tables are typically smaller than standard dining tables, making them more versatile and easier to fit into smaller spaces. They also tend to be less expensive than larger dining tables. When selecting chairs for your bistro table, opt for comfortable, stylish options that will complement the look of your table. Wicker chairs are a great choice for a bistro kitchen table; they’re both comfortable and stylish.

DIY Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a way to add some personality to your walls without spending a lot of money, DIY wallpaper is a great option. There are a variety of ways to create your own wallpaper, from painting a stenciled design to using adhesive decals. You can also find printable wallpaper designs online that you can simply print out and adhere to your wall. Whatever method you choose, DIY wallpaper is a great way to add some style to your home on a budget.

Showcase Collectibles

Collectibles can come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Whether it’s a handful of precious antiques or a large group of less expensive replicas, any collection has the potential to be extraordinary. The key is in the display. Arrange items on shelves according to theme, color, or style for a cohesive look that will showcase your prized possessions in the best light. With a little bit of creativity, your collection can become a Conversation piece that is sure to impress guests and loved ones alike. So start gathering those special items today and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your collection is uniquely yours.

New Paint

A fresh coat of paint can brighten up any room, and this living room is no exception. The homeowner used a mortar wash treatment, known as a “German smear,” to ensure the fireplace had an authentically aged look. This technique involves applying a wet mortar mix to the surface of the bricks and then wiping it off with a damp sponge. The result is a textured finish that gives the fireplace a unique look. In addition to adding visual interest, the German smear technique also helps to protect the bricks from weathering and damage. Thanks to the homeowner’s efforts, this living room is now both beautiful and functional.

Drop Cloths

When it comes to window treatments, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. But what if you want something that is both stylish and budget-friendly? Painters’ drop cloths are an excellent option for those who are looking for a low-cost way to add drapery to their home. These sturdy cloths can be found at most hardware stores, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Drop cloths can be used to create a range of looks, from rustic to modern. And best of all, they are easy to care for and can be reused again and again. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to add some style to your windows, painters’ drop cloths are the way to go.

Go to an Estate Sale

Estate sales are a great way to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. Unlike a garage sale or thrift store, where items are typically sold as is, estate sale items are generally well-cared for and in good condition. Another advantage of shopping at an estate sale is that you can often negotiate prices on larger items. And, because estate sales are typically held when the occupants of a home have passed away or moved into assisted living, there is often a sentimental value attached to the items that are being sold. So, whether you’re in the market for a new piece of furniture or simply looking for a unique conversation starter, be sure to check out your local estate sale listings. You’re sure to find something special!

Transformed Closet

A well-organized closet can be a lifesaver, but finding the right storage solution for your needs can be a challenge. If you’re short on space and have a knack for crafts, transforming a closet into a crafting “room” might be the perfect solution. By covering the doors with pegboard, you can create a versatile work surface that’s perfect for everything from sewing to scrapbooking. Plus, the pegboard will help keep your materials organized and within easy reach. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn an ordinary closet into a stylish and functional craft room.

Best Decorating on a Budget

Vintage Bookcase

The project began with a search for the perfect material. I needed something sturdy enough to hold heavy books, but light enough that it could be easily moved around. I considered wood and metal, but eventually settled on plastic. The next step was to find a way to give the bookcase an aged look. I decided to use a wood-grain adhesive film. The final step was to add some finishing touches, such as handles and label holders. The result was a vintage-inspired bookcase that was both stylish and functional. Best of all, it only cost me about $30 to make!

Decorate with Glassware

Glassware is a staple in any kitchen, and it can also be a great way to add a personal touch to your décor. Whether you prefer classic clear glass or vibrant handblown pieces, there are endless ways to incorporate glassware into your home. One popular option is to use open shelving to display a collection of glassware. This not only looks stylish, but it also makes it easy to grab a glass when you need one. Another option is to use glassware as decoration, such as filling a vase with colorful pieces or hanging wine glasses from a chandelier. Whether you use it for function or décor, glassware is a versatile element that can help give your home its own unique style.

Make a Tray

Have some old mirrors lying around that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Upcycle them into new and stylish trays! It’s easy to do and only requires a few materials. First, measure the size of your mirror and cut a piece of felt to fit the underside. Then, use a strong adhesive to attach the felt to the mirror. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. And that’s it! Your mirror is now transformed into a sturdy and chic tray. Whether you use it as serving tray for parties or as decoration in your home, this simple project is sure to add a touch of elegance.

Label Canisters

Canisters are a great way to keep your kitchen organized and tidy. But often, it can be hard to remember what goes in each canister, especially if they’re all the same color. One simple solution is to label each canister with chalkboard paint or decals. That way, you’ll always know whether you’re grabbing salt or sugar. And if you need to change the contents of the canister, simply erase the old label and write a new one. This is a quick and easy way to keep your kitchen organized and running smoothly.

Make It Roll

Casters are one of the most versatile tools that you can add to your home. Whether you want to make a piece of furniture mobile or simply want to add some extra storage, casters can help you get the job done. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install, making them a great option for anyone on a budget. So if you’re looking for a way to add some extra functionality to your home, be sure to check out casters. You might be surprised at how much they can help.

Make a Chair Rail

Amp up the architectural drama in your home with a chair rail. Installing a chair rail is easy, and stick-on molding makes it even simpler. Paint the areas above and below the chair rail with two different shades of the same color for a dramatic effect. With a little time and effort, you can add interest and character to any room in your home.

Light Up a Jug

This holiday season, add a personal touch to your home décor with a custom-made table lamp. All you need is a glass jug and some Christmas lights, and you can create a festive and unique conversation piece. Start by removing the lid from the jug and threading the lights through the opening.

Once the lights are in place, replace the lid and plug in the cord. The jug will diffract the light, creating a warm and inviting glow. You can use any size or style of jug for this project, so get creative and let your personality shine through. Whether you use a Mason jar or an antique milk bottle, your one-of-a-kind lamp is sure to be a hit with family and friends.

Install a New Faucet

Updating the fixtures in your home is a great way to give it a fresh look without undertaking a major renovation. One simple update you can make is to install a new faucet in your bathroom sink. A kitchen-size faucet will give your bathroom a unique, bespoke feel.

You can find easy-to-install, do-it-yourself kits at most home improvement stores. Be sure to turn off the water supply before starting the installation and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any problems. With a little effort, you can give your bathroom an updated look that you’ll be sure to enjoy for years to come.

Bottle Display

Adding a touch of color to your home décor is easy with this clever bottle display idea. Just gather up some colorful glass jars, glasses, and vases, and arrange them on a windowsill or bookshelf. The light will shine through the glass, creating a beautiful stained glass effect.

You can use bottles of all different shapes and sizes, and you can even mix and match colors to create your own custom design. This is a quick and easy way to add a pop of color to any room, and it’s a great way to recycle old jars and bottles. So next time you’re looking for a creative way to spruce up your home décor, don’t forget about this simple bottle display idea.

Paint Your Door

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to update your exterior, consider painting your front door. A bold color will add instant personality to your home and make it stand out from the rest on the block.

When choosing a shade, go for something unexpected, like buttercup-yellow or chartreuse-green. These cheerful colors will give your home a modern touch without compromising its historic character. So grab a brush and some paint, and get ready to give your front door a facelift.

Switch Out a Lamp Shade

It’s easy to overlook lamps when considering ways to update a room. Yet, simply switching out the shade can have a big impact, freshening up the entire look of the lamp and giving it new life. This is especially effective if you choose a shade with a unique pattern or color.

Garden themes are a great way to inject some life into a room, and they can also help to chase away the winter blues. For example, try swapping out a neutral-toned shade for one with a vibrant floral pattern. Or go for a more understated look by choosing a green or blue shade that evokes the colors of nature. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or just want to add a touch of charm, switching out a lamp shade is an easy and inexpensive way to update your space.

Install a Mirror

A single well-placed mirror has the power to make a small room seem larger. For a custom look on the cheap, have mirrored glass cut to fit a beautiful vintage frame. You can find these at flea markets or antique stores. Make sure to measure the frame before you go and buy the mirror, so it will be a perfect fit.

You can also use mirrors to create the illusion of more space in a room by placing them opposite windows. This will reflect the natural light and make the room appear brighter and more open. Mirrors are an easy and inexpensive way to transform any space. With a little creativity, they can be used to create a completely new look for your home.

Paint the Ceiling

Most people default to white paint when it comes to their ceilings, but adding a pop of color can really make a space feel more complete. Gray-blues, lavenders, and buttery yellows are all great options that will draw the eye upward without being too overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start, try painting a single accent wall in a bolder hue and then carry that color throughout the room using smaller decor pieces. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a little paint can make!

Make a Runner

Making your own runner is a great way to add a personal touch to your home décor. Rag rugs are perfect for this project, as they are both stylish and affordable. To make your runner, simply stitch together a few rag rugs of your choice. You can either do this yourself or take them to a local dry cleaner or upholsterer.

Once your runner is complete, you can use it to add color and texture to any room in your home. Whether you place it in your entryway or use it as a focal point in your living room, it is sure to make a statement. So why not get creative and make your own one-of-a-kind runner today?

Decorating on a Budget

New Shower Curtain

A fresh shower curtain is an easy, inexpensive way to brighten up your bathroom. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? First, consider the style of your bathroom. If you have a traditional space, look for a shower curtain with classic details like ruffles or embossed fabric. For a more modern look, try a clean-lined curtain made of canvas or vinyl. Then, think about function.

If you tend to take long showers, choose a heavy-duty curtain that won’t mildew or fade over time. If your bathroom tends to be on the damp side, opt for a mold- and mildew-resistant option. With so many stylish and functional shower curtains to choose from, finding the perfect one for your bathroom is a breeze!

DIY Artwork

A well-decorated home is a reflection of the occupants’ taste and style. However, artworks can be expensive, and it can be challenging to find pieces that fit both your budget and your aesthetic. If you’re looking for a unique way to add personality to your space, consider creating your own artwork.

There are many ways to do this, but one easy way is to frame the pages of last year’s calendar. This project is inexpensive and fairly easy to complete, and it results in a striking display that is sure to start a conversation. To get started, simply select your favorite pages from last year’s calendar and frame them in second-hand frames. Hang the frames in a grid formation, and enjoy your new artwork!

Freshen Up Cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen a quick and easy facelift, consider freshening up your cabinets with a new coat of paint. This budget-friendly update can dramatically change the look of your kitchen, without requiring a complete renovation. When choosing a color, consider what will coordinate well with your countertops, backsplash and flooring. You may also want to consider the mood you want to create in your kitchen.

For example, a light and airy color can help to make a small kitchen feel more spacious. Alternatively, a bolder color can add personality and visual interest to an otherwise simple space. Once you’ve selected the perfect shade, ask your local paint store for recommendations on paints and primers that are specifically designed for use on cabinets. With a little time and effort, you can easily transform your kitchen on a tight budget.

Embellished Lampshade

Lampshades are an essential part of any home decor, and they can be easily updated with a few simple embellishments. Ready-made appliqués can be found in the scrapbooking section of most craft stores, and they can be easily hot-glued or peel-and-sticked onto the shade in a variety of patterns.

For a more personal touch, try using family photos, postcards, or other small mementos to create a one-of-a-kind design. With a little creativity, an ordinary lampshade can be transformed into a work of art.

Distinctive Pillows

Old tea towels and napkins often have interesting patterns and designs that can add a touch of character to any room. If you have a window seat, consider repurposing some of these into accent pillows. It’s easy to do, and you’ll end up with pillows that are uniquely your own.

First, select a tea towel or napkin that you like. If it has any tears or stains, don’t worry – these can be hidden by the pillowcase. Next, measure and cut two pieces of fabric that are slightly larger than the tea towel or napkin. Then, sew the two pieces of fabric together, leaving a small opening. Turn the fabric right-side out, and stuff it with stuffing or old pillowcases. Finally, sew the opening shut, and enjoy your new pillow!

Bar Cabinet Makeover

When it comes to home makeovers, there are few projects that are as gratifying as giving new life to an old piece of furniture. This was certainly the case with this bar cabinet makeover. The before photo shows an abandoned piece that was in dire need of some love. But with a little elbow grease and a can of paint, it was transformed into a stylish statement piece.

The first step was to prep the surface by sanding down the rough edges and eliminating any dirt or grime. Next, a coat of primer was applied to help the paint adhere evenly. The final step was to add a decorative paint finish in a rich hue. These simple steps took this abandoned bar cabinet from drab to fab!

Monogrammed Lamp

Customizing your home décor is a great way to add a personal touch, and monogramming is a classic way to do it. While actual monogramming can be costly, there are ways to get the look without breaking the bank. For example, on silk chandelier shades from Target, you can achieve a rich look by using white iron-on embroidered letters. This simple project is sure to add a touch of elegance to any room, and it’s a great way to make your home décor truly your own.

Bathroom Display Shelf

Whether you’re short on storage space in your bathroom or you’re just looking for a way to display your pretty toiletries, adding shelving is a great solution. And with a little bit of creativity, it can also be a great way to add some style to your space. One idea is to repurpose an old wine crate or wooden box by removing the back and making shelves to fit inside. Then, add a bit of glamour by fastening a gilded frame onto the front of the unit. For an antique finish, spray-paint with Krylon Crystal Color. Not only will you have created a beautiful and functional display shelf, but you’ll also have upcycled an old item into something new and unique.

Cabinet Hardware

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or simply looking for a change, new cabinet hardware can provide an instant update. With an almost limitless number of options available, you can easily find hardware that reflects your personal style. And since most hardware is easy to install, you can complete the project yourself in just a few hours. When choosing new hardware, it’s important to measure your existing pieces to ensure that the replacements will fit in the same space. Once you’ve found the perfect hardware, simply attach it to your cabinets and enjoy your new kitchen.

Chair Bench

With a little creativity, even the most mundane objects can be given new life. That’s certainly the case with this bench, which was created from three old chairs. The chairs were likely headed for the dump, but they were given new purpose as part of this bench. The seats were removed and the chairs were joined together to form a single piece of furniture. The result is a charming and unique bench that would be perfect for a mudroom or entryway. This simple project is a great example of how even the most everyday objects can be given new value with a little imagination.

DIY Candlestick Tray

Have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately drawn to the warm glow of a flickering candle? Candles have a way of creating a sense of comfort and relaxation, which is why they make such great home décor. If you’re looking for a way to add some candles to your space without breaking the bank, try this DIY candlestick tray. All you need is an assortment of thrift-store candlesticks and a vintage tray. Simply glue the candlesticks to the tray using a thin layer of quick-dry epoxy, wiping off any excess with a damp cloth. To set, hold in place for five minutes. Wash by hand as needed. This easy project is a great way to add some personality to your space and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Dining Room Cabinets

When it comes to creating a dining room that looks pulled together, one important element is the cabinets. While built-in cabinetry can give the room a custom look, it can also be expensive. A more budget-friendly option is to use an unfinished-wood corner cabinet and decorate it to match the rest of the room. Painted the same color as the walls, the cabinet will blend in and give the illusion that it was part of the original house. To complete the look, add some simple molding around the top and bottom of the cabinet. With a few inexpensive tricks, an unfinished cabinet can be transformed into a beautiful and functional piece of furniture.

Luxe for Less

A DIY concrete vanity proves that style doesn’t have to be expensive. This beautiful bathroom fixture was made with just $200 worth of supplies, including concrete mix, lumber, and steel piping. The antique mirror, old first aid box, and bamboo purse handles- turned-towel rings are one-of-a-kind fixtures that give the space a collected feel. Luxe for less? We’re all for it.

Photo-Filled Table

Adding a personal touch to your décor is always a great way to make your space feel like home. And what better way to do that than by displaying some of your favorite memories? A photo-filled table is a simple and effective way to add a personal touch to any room. To create one, simply have a piece of glass or Plexi cut to fit the dimensions of your tabletop. Then, tuck snapshots, postcards, or printed fabric underneath the glass.

Not only will this give your table a unique and personal look, but it will also provide you with a beautiful way to display some of your favorite memories. So whether you’re looking for a new way to decorate your home or simply want to add a personal touch, a photo-filled table is a great option.

Bright Idea

Good lighting is essential in any room, but it’s especially important in small spaces where every bit of light counts.Natural light can make a compact space seem expansive, so it’s important to keep window treatments as simple as possible to let in as much light as possible. One easy, inexpensive way to do this is to choose interior shutters for a clean, tailored look. Dentil molding along the ceiling plays nicely off the shutters and helps to reflect even more light into the room. By taking advantage of every bit of natural light, you can help to make a small space feel larger and more welcoming.

Repurpose a Ladder

An old ladder can be given new life with a little bit of creativity. This rough-hewn ladder was once used in an apple orchard but now offers a quaint spot to store extra blankets. Inexpensive paint-by-number art offers instant wall interest. With a few simple supplies, this project can easily be completed in a weekend. First, sand down the ladder to remove any rough edges. Next, apply a coat of primer and then paint the ladder with your desired color. Once the paint is dry, use command strips to hang the blankets from the rungs of the ladder. For added interest, arrange some of the blankets in a cascading pattern. This repurposed ladder is not only practical but also makes a beautiful statement in any room.

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