Best Places to Buy Outdoor Furniture in 2021

Make the most of your outdoor space with durable, stylish, and affordable patio furniture from these top retailers.

Warmer weather is finally here, and for many of us, that means it’s almost time to break out the patio furniture and gear up our outdoor spaces. And if you don’t have outdoor furniture yet, you’ll want to get your shopping done ASAP.

Shopping for patio furniture isn’t an overwhelming task so long as you know where to look. Many of the largest retailers and department stores offer huge selections, and better yet, they often sell discount outdoor furniture, so you can save some money on these big-ticket items.

To simplify your search, we’ve rounded up the 11 best places to buy outdoor patio furniture this year, along with some of our personal favorites from each. And the best part is, you can get all this top-notch outdoor furniture online, so you never even have to step foot in a store. These retailers carry a wide variety of furnishing types, materials, and looks, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right options to match your backyard and home decor. Plus, these stores sell other items you need to make your backyard space complete, like patio decor, outdoor furniture cushions, and furniture covers for rainy days.

Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Furniture

The 11 Best Places to Buy Outdoor Patio Furniture Online

It includes the most expensive wholesale and retailer stores and department stores. These retail stores offer a wide variety of furnishing materials and styles. You can find this top-quality outdoor furniture online so you won’t even have to step out of the store. Some of these stores also stock other products which complete your outdoor décor including patio covers and outdoor cushions for rain days.

The options actually are endless so get shopping and make the most of your outdoor spaces with this retailer’s services. You won’t face any challenges deciding how to decorate your home with an assortment of accessories for your backyard and for decorating the interior of the place.

Outdoor & Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Sets Outdoor Seating and Patio Chairs Outdoor Furniture Tables Outdoor Tables Patio Bar Furniture Patio Umbrellas Outdoor Pillows & Cushions are on sale.

Patio furniture

Patio furnishings can allow you to comfortably spend endless times outside with family and friends. When shopping for patio chairs, there are several specific factors you must consider to ensure the best configuration of the house. Patio Lounge furniture includes patio furniture tables, patio couches and sections, patio daybeds outdoor lounge chairs, hammocks, and more.

Small space patio furniture is your solution for small space chairs, tables, and ottomans designed for balconies and smaller outside areas. Smaller patio dining and bar furniture is also a good option for entertaining and mixing and matching is also an option. The more you use your patio furniture the more it may experience normal wear and tear.

Popular Picks in Outdoor & Patio Furniture

The cushions are made from a plastic material that feels terrible to sit on even the water-resistant cushions which have soaked up with light rainfall. The covering is thick and almost invisible to the eyes at the seats. . – It’s got a bit of a failure.

The structure is also quite flimsy. It slides around and becomes uncomfortable to lay on but cannot be left out unattended. Brighten your backyard with this product and create the outside of your home as cozy as the inside. Mix the chairs so you can give them a perfect arrangement in your outdoor space. Make your backyard a welcoming environment for your family and friends.

How do I choose the right outdoor furniture?

Exterior design is similar to interior decorating, but there are additional factors you must keep in mind. Furnishing areas that extend beyond the wall are more important than ever and picking the right patio furniture can be very difficult if you do not know what to consider. Small home proprietors may increase the worth of their property by increasing their outdoor and inside spaces. A growing indoor lifestyle has brought more activity beyond your home and more activities have moved beyond your home.

These are the 11 best places to buy outdoor patio furniture:

Best Overall: Amazon

Best for Patio Furniture Sets: Wayfair

Best Value: Walmart

Best Quality: Overstock

Best for Patio Dining: Bloomingdale’s

Best Affordable: Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Splurge: Frontgate

Best for Outdoor Dining Sets: Macy’s

Best for Accessories: Lowe’s

Best for Outdoor Seating: The Home Depot

Best for Small Patios: Crate & Barrel

Whether you’re looking for a full outdoor furniture set, fire pits, lounge chairs, sofas, or patio dining pieces, you’ll find something that works for you from the list below. The options really are endless, so get shopping and make the most of your outdoor space. Once your new furniture is delivered, you’ll have nothing left to do except relax in your backyard and soak up the beautiful weather.

Best Overall: Amazon

Is there anything Amazon doesn’t sell? The mega-retailer has a huge selection of patio furniture and accessories from a wide variety of brands, plus discounted prices and two-day shipping on furniture pieces that are Amazon Prime-eligible.

You can also browse categories based on popularity, style, price, and color, making your shopping experience that much more enjoyable. From patio seating and tables to outdoor canopies and gazebos, you’ll be sure to find something that works for you here.

Best for Patio Furniture Sets: Wayfair

The best option if you’re in the market for patio furniture sets, Wayfair has thousands of pages of outdoor furniture, including more than 2,000 patio sets.

The retailer’s selections range from lounge furniture to outdoor pillows and cushions to bar furniture to options for smaller spaces. You can even get custom patio furniture through its site.

Best Value: Walmart

Walmart is a great choice for shopping outdoor furniture on a budget because you’ll often find rollback pricing and patio furniture sales available (trust us, your wallet will thank you). Along with outdoor sofa sectionals, tables, and fun options-like porch swings-Walmart has an especially great selection of patio seating and conversation sets, with more than 1,000 options to browse.

Best Quality: Overstock

Overstock is known for its large selection of furniture, kitchen, and home items at bargain prices-but which doesn’t mean its pieces lack in quality. The online retailer has an entire section devoted to outdoor inventory, which includes decor, accessories, lighting, umbrellas, storage, and of course, furniture.

Overstock has a particularly solid selection of outdoor sectional sofas, many of which are discounted. Along with providing a handy guide outlining how to choose the right patio furniture for your space, the site also allows you to browse by price point.

Best for Patio Dining: Bloomingdale’s

While you may consider Bloomingdale’s a fashion destination, the iconic department store has a comprehensive home section, too, which includes affordably priced outdoor furniture. Whether you’re in the market for patio dining accessories, kitchenware, outdoor accent pieces, or furniture, you don’t want to overlook Bloomingdale’s inventory, which runs the gamut from luxe designer pieces to budget finds.

Best Affordable: Bed Bath & Beyond

At Bed Bath & Beyond, you’ll have no trouble finding moderately priced outdoor furniture thanks to the discounts it offers on many already affordable pieces.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor sofa sectionals, dining sets, or relaxation essentials like hammocks, fire pits, and all-weather pillows to spruce up your backyard space, you’ll have no trouble finding it in Bed Bath & Beyond’s huge selection.

Best Splurge: Frontgate

Frontgate might be best known for its festive displays and extensive decor options for the holiday season, but the home and furniture retailer also offers some gorgeous year-round outdoor pieces. Browse by themed collections or individual pieces on its site, or shop patio furniture by material-like aluminum, wicker, and teak-if you’re after something specific. Frontgate allows you to order free fabric swatches from its patio furniture so you can get a better idea of the material before making your selection.

Best for Outdoor Dining Sets: Macy’s

The department store may not be the first place that comes to mind as a source for patio furniture and outdoor needs, but it should be Macy’s carries over 6,000 items in this category, including everything from full outdoor dining sets to chaise lounge chairs to backyard accessories. Even better, Macy’s commonly offers reduced pricing and 12-month financing options on its all-in-one full furniture sets, making a large purchase much more doable.

Best for Accessories: Lowe’s

While many people categorize Lowe’s as a mecca of appliances and home improvement tools, it also offers a surprisingly robust selection of outdoor furniture with both patio collections and individual pieces. You can browse by style-modern, classic, coastal, or farmhouse-and-by price for a truly customizable shopping experience. Along with patio furniture and decor, Lowe’s carries outdoor must-haves like heaters, umbrellas, privacy screens, and storage covers, which can help extend the longevity of your outdoor furniture.

Best for Outdoor Seating: The Home Depot

The Home Depot is a one-stop-shop for all your backyard needs-and that includes outdoor furniture and patio decor. The retailer carries everything from hammocks and picnic tables to outdoor rugs and patio umbrellas, with an especially great selection of outdoor seating options. What’s more, the site makes it super easy to shop for your home’s style by categorizing each section by decor theme and furniture material.

Best for Small Patios: Crate & Barrel

The best option for browsing small patio furniture, Crate & Barrel sells a slew of patio furniture collections and other accessories for your outdoor space.

Its site conveniently lets you shop by type of furniture and material-like metal, wood, or wicker-and even has specific sections devoted to outdoor furniture for small spaces and outdoor entertaining.

Maintenance & Care – How much effort are you willing to put into maintaining

Care is closely linked with the type of material and the finishing used in outdoor furniture. The cleaning can range from sweeping brushes or hard and gentle wipes using soap and water. Some products have removable component components and manufacturer offers alternative components should something get worn out or gets stolen. You can easily replace one item rather than buy your entire piece. Other woods are highly resistant to warping or water damage and will eventually change colors without oil over time. Several cushions can be removed and put into the machine. Some cushions are removable, some have removable parts.

Function & Usage – How do you use your outdoor patio?

Do you have plans to stage catered soirées and sit guests in a dining deck with an expandable dining table and armchairs? Or do you simply want to sit down and relax and enjoy time around your friends? Perhaps you just want to enjoy the sun on a relaxing sunny summer’s day on a chaise lounge with a cool drink beside you. Whatever the purpose it is an excellent idea to start off with a list of the things you would like to do. Think about what pieces of furniture you might need or how many people you should need to ac.

Environmental Factors – What is the weather like where you live?

Usually, most humans don’t remember this important fact until too late. What is it like in the backyard most days during Summer? Is it hot? What’s the temperature like? Does this happen during the coldest months? Does the sun have direct sunlight? Tell me the typical amount of rainfall each year? Do you feel strong winds? Each of these factors can determine the type of outdoor seats and tables you need in your space. Remember the conditions of the furniture for which you must abide.

Dimensions & flow

You dont want to buy your dream Sectional sofa just to have it overflow in your lanai when it’s delivered. Be certain to think about usable space shape and traffic flow and not just measuring precisely from point A to point B. If you have an odd-shaped area small pieces are a good option.

A couple of bistro tables with barstools could accommodate the same number of people as a bigger dining set. Allow me a minute of my imagination to envision what it may look like to be sitting inside a certain place. How do you find your eyeliners? How much more room does a person have to step over their shoulder as they talk?

Best Splurge: Frontgate

Frontgate is best known for its Holiday decor choices. Home and furniture retailer also offers stunning year-round outdoor items. Browse themed collections or individual pieces on the site or shop patio furniture by material such as aluminum wicker and teak. ‘ Frontgate has a free fabric swatch feature available on its patio furniture to give you a better idea of the materials needed to make your purchase. The retailer also allows you to order free samples of furniture from its outdoor products so that you can see the material in your house or garden more fully.

Best for accessories: Lowe’s

There are several types or pieces by lowes for outdoor furniture. You can search by style: classic, urban or farmhouse-and by cost for a custom-made shopping experience. Along with patio furniture and decor Lowe’s carries outdoors essentials like heaters and shade panels as well as accessories and covers designed to protect your space. Shop our pick: Best home space 6 piece Patio Sectionalion Table, $636 at Shop Outdoor furniture from Lowes.

Best for outdoor seating: Home Depot

Home Depot is a one-stop shop for outdoor furniture and patio décor. The retailer has everything from hammocks and tables for picnicking to outdoor rugs. It categories each piece by Decor themes and furniture motifs. Shop our choice:

Hampton Bay Cambridge Brown Wicker Outdoor Patio Loveseat with Midnight Navy Blue Cushions $469; offers a wide selection of outdoor seating options for your outdoor seating choice. Click here for more Patio Decorating in Home.

Best Outdoor Dining Sets: Macy’s

Macy’s is carrying nearly 6000 articles in this category. Macy’s commonly offers lower pricing and 12-month financing options on all-in-one complete furniture sets.

Shop our pick: Park Gate Outdoor Cast Aluminum 7-Piece Dining Set $3,169; Retail stores also offer reduced pricing and 12-month furniture options on full outdoor dining sets making an expensive larger purchase even more palatable. The store also offers chaise lounges and yard accessories.

Best Affordable: Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond allow customers to find good quality and affordable outdoor furniture. Retailers have discounts for many already affordable items. Relaxing elements include hammocks, fire pits, and all-weather pillows for indoor seating. The company also gives discounts on dining and outdoor dining and other items such as hammocks and fire pits. Shop my pick: Vifah Terrah 3-price Woven Wicker Outdoor Porch Bistro Set, $226 $320;


Keep track when setting the position of the sun relative to anything. Can you sit underneath a pergola? A screened porch is virtually inside, while a deck is entirely covered by trees or partially shaded by other trees. Having a lot of exposure to the sun can be a great way to protect your skin. Surrounding fences and hedges likewise influence the privacy and feeling of time. Do you want a cozy place or an open layout? Is your space warm and inviting?

Best for patio dining: Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s stores have an extensive home collection that includes affordable outdoor furniture. Modway Convene 2-piece Outdoor Patio Dining Set at $480 ($6440) Select the following: Modway. Shop the store’s ranges from elegant Designer to budget finds. Some things will include decorative table accessories to patio dining chairs kitchenware or exterior accent pieces.

Best value: Walmart

Walmart features an outstanding range of patio furniture and conversation sets. You will often find rolling discount prices and patio furniture sales available at Walmart. There are over 1000 options you can choose from for outdoor furniture. Shop our choice: Mainstays Forest Hills 3-piece porch swing with Canopy – $178; Shop with confidence your wallet will thank you for your purchase.

Best Patio Furniture Sets: Wayfair

Wayfair has thousands of pages of outdoor furniture including 2,000 patio sets. The retailer includes lounge furniture and soft cushions. You can even order oversized outdoor furnishings from its site. Shop our pick: World Menagerie Tessio 4 piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group, $233 (was $400). Buy an outdoor set of Wayfair for $24.

Best quality: Overstock

Overstock offers a large range of patio couches. The website also lets you browse by price. Many items at discounted prices are offered. Shop our pick: Carolina 4-piece Outdoor Acacia Sofa by Christopher Knight Home $504 (was $560); Shop the best Patio furniture in for $504 or $540.90.

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