Big News! My Last Book

Great news! My last book

Hmy friends! Last night, sitting on this chair, I turned the photos and the manuscript of my 11th and last book! (Well… final for now at least!)

I officially started this latest book two years ago but it was contracted 7 years ago (!) So it was a more rewarding time to send these words and photos to the publisher.

I am so grateful to have received such wonderful encouragement from readers during my 13 years of blogging and writing about the house! The support of so many kindred spirits all over the world who also love everything in the house and the help of my agent Ruth has led to the incredible opportunity to create beautiful books with my daughters Courtney and Kylee and our amazing team at Harvest House.

Great news! My last book

It seems like a lifetime ago I embarked on this ambitious book-writing adventure… like a side scramble (haha!). I didn’t know it would be so much more than that! (You can see my first book ad here in this blog post – so much fun looking back now!).

The original plan for 8 pounds (!) Grew to 11 when we added an additional coloring book, journal, and decorating book. We have completed 10 of those 11 books in 7 years. It was all a truly unexpected but wonderful trip!

You can find all of my books so far here.

Great news! My last book

Today I’m going to take a long winter nap (ha), but I’ll also start this New Year with a sense of gratitude, accomplishment, and anticipation for the future (as well as the excitement of seeing this latest book. come to life next year. I can share it with you!).

Thank you for being with me on this adventure! Happy New Year friends!