Blue Spruce Toolworks 4″ x 6″ Square

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Tool: Square 4 ″ x 6 ″ Buy now

Producer: Blue fir utensils

MSRP: $ 135

One thing I always worry about with fixed blade metal squares (especially the nice and expensive ones) is the reality that rough handling or an accidental drop from the workbench can knock them out of alignment and render them useless. Blue Spruce Toolworks’ 4 ″ x 6 ″ square has an answer for this. Instead of being fixed with pins, the hardened steel blade is fixed on an integrated pivot mechanism and, with the help of two thoughtful set screws, can be easily adjusted for a lifetime of accurate use.

The mechanism itself is sturdy and I found it nearly impossible to knock the square out of alignment. Eventually I loosened the screws to simulate misalignment, but within seconds I was able to return the high carbon steel blade to dead center and get back to work.

Just outside the box, it’s clear that the Blue Spruce square is positioned to compete with other high-end squares. The weight of the thing testifies to a quality instrument and the fit and finish are impressive. I was tempted to consider the dazzling range of available finishes and fill options purely aesthetic, but after spending time with the square I had to admit that the details add up. The recessed wooden fills on the stock felt comfortable and natural in my hands, adding an organic touch to this otherwise highly crafted instrument, and I soon appreciated how the matte black coating on the test pattern blade reduced the ‘glare, allowing me to more accurately test my work for the square against a light source. (Note: The blade is also available in brushed stainless steel.)

The Blue Spruce square is a significant investment, but you won’t regret it.

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