Bosch Barrel-grip Battery-powered Jigsaw


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Bosch Barrel-grip Battery-powered Jigsaw

Tool: JS120BN Jigsaw

Producer: Bosch

MSRP: $ 119 (without battery)

Due to its lower profile, I prefer a cylindrical hacksaw with a higher handle. I feel that having my hand closer to work gives me better control, not only because the tool seems less inclined, but because I find it slightly easier to drive.

And I really like this new 12 volt, lithium-ion powered by Bosch (JS120BN) – it is light (3.3 pounds) with six speed settings (and an empty speed from 1,500 to 2,800 beats per minute), a 3/4“Race able to cut up to 23/4“- Thick material, three orbital settings and an LED light (which can be turned off). The aluminum footplate is adjusted with an integrated Allen key for bevel cuts up to 45 ° and locks securely.

I am also in love with the small diameter of the handle (Bosch says it is the smallest on the market), which is comfortable both in my hands and in the larger hands of some male friends. In addition, this tool works smoothly – the vibration is minimal and a brake stops the blade almost immediately when the switch is turned off – a small safety function that is pleasant. I also appreciate the tool change mechanism without tools with one hand; eject the blade (only with T-tang) without touching it and you can make another one come out in its place. (It may not seem like a big deal, but I grabbed a lot of hot blades.)

One thing I don’t like is that the speed setting is a dial in the back of the body; you cannot change it during use.

But how does it perform? I turned it on and off for about 45 minutes (on one charge) through various species of wood and thickness. He handled everything with aplomb, except for a 6/4 piece of oak – he still cut, but slowly.

I like the JS120BN enough to buy one to use at home (it helps me already have the battery and charger). PWM

– MF

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