Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towels Review: Spa-Ready

We purchased the Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towel Set so our expert reviewer could put it to the test in her home. Keep reading for our full product review.

In the increasingly crowded market for Turkish towels, Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towels are the thickest of the bunch, making them perfect for those who prefer a little heft to their towels. Though newly trendy in the U.S., Turkish towels, also called peshtemals or pestemals, foutas, and hammams, are artisan products that date back hundreds of years. Despite being thin, they’re known for their softness, absorption, and ability to dry quickly. With their fringed edges and woven patterns, these smooth, lightweight towels are stylish enough serve as swimsuit covers, throws, and even picnic blankets.

We put the Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towel Set to the test to see how they fared against other similar products. Here’s what we found.

Material: Relatively thick Turkish cotton

Like any authentic Turkish towel, the Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towels are made in Turkey from 100 percent Turkish cotton. What sets this cotton apart isn’t just the country it’s from, however. It’s a long-staple variety, which means the fibers are quite lengthy. Longer fibers result in smoother, stronger, sturdier thread; there are fewer exposed fiber ends which can weaken the thread or result in pilling, tearing, or a scruffy texture.

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Many luxury towels are made from Egyptian cotton, another long-staple variety, but one that’s denser. Egyptian cotton bath towels can absorb more water than Turkish towels, but they take far longer to dry. In humid bathrooms or climates, this can lead to issues with mildew. Turkish towels, on the other hand, are lightweight and a fraction of the thickness of regular towels, so they dry fast, fold up easily for travel, and are still very absorbent.

The light gray color held up perfectly, and there was no pilling, puckering, shrinking, or lint.

At close to 39 x 70 inches, these towels are bigger than some bath sheets, and they’re more generously sized than a regular bath towel, which is usually just 27 x 52 inches. After showering, we wrapped ourselves up in the Bosphorus branded towels and found they provided full coverage and then some. Since they aren’t bulky, it was easy to keep the ends tucked and secured.

Texture: Soft and slightly textured

The Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towels are thicker and heavier than other Turkish towels, which gives them a luxe feel even though they were still lightweight. Though it was soft from the get-go, the fabric got even better after washing. Their slightly heavier weight and intricate diamond-weave pattern made them feel a bit nubby, rather than silky like some other Turkish towels. Those who like the nubby texture of terry cloth will find it comforting.

The Spruce / Danielle Centoni

Washing: Fluffier and fluffier

After we washed them three times, these towels came out fluffier than ever. That’s not a huge surprise since Turkish towels get softer and more absorbent with each wash, but the heavier weight of this product added that extra fluff factor. The light gray color held up perfectly, and there was no pilling, puckering, shrinking, or lint. The fine fibers of the non-twisted tassels looked a little bit unruly afterward, but they didn’t tangle, fall out, or become uneven.

The fine fibers of the non-twisted tassels looked a little bit unruly after washing, but they didn’t tangle, fall out, or become uneven.

As is recommended for Turkish towels, we machine-washed them in warm water without fabric softeners, which can coat the fibers and reduce their ability to absorb moisture. We also kept the intricate tassels away from garments with zippers, hooks, or hook and loop fasteners and let the towels air-dry.

The towels seemed a tiny bit stiff after air-drying, but not as much as terry cloth towels usually do. A few vigorous shakes relaxed these just fine, and a quick tumble on low heat worked, too. Even when air-dried, the Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towels were just barely wrinkled.

The Spruce / Danielle Centoni

Price: A good deal

Some boutique websites offer Turkish towels for $40 each or more, so this set of four towels for under $50 is a steal. The fact that they’re a bit heavier in weight makes them even more worthwhile. Plus, their decorative diamond pattern and spa-like neutral tones ensure they’d be a stylish addition to any bathroom.

Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towels vs. Cacala Cotton Pestemal Turkish Towels

The Bosphorus Diamond Weave Turkish Towels are the same size as the Cacala Cotton Pestemal Turkish Towel. However, the Bosphorus towels are a bit thicker, which gives them a plusher feel. There are fewer colors available, and the range includes more neutrals like shades of gray, so if you’re looking for a towel that can double as a colorful shawl, you may be better off with the Cacala ones. Still, the diamond-weave pattern and thicker tassels make these a great choice to add worldly flair to a bathroom.

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Final Verdict

Toss out your old towels.

This affordable and stylish set of towels has so much going for it. They’ll dry you off just as fast as a traditional terry towel, but they’ll dry out much faster so you don’t have to worry about them growing mildew in a poorly ventilated bathroom. Their slightly heavier weight makes them a good transition if you’re conditioned to using thick terry towels, and their generous size offers full coverage when wrapping up after a swim or a shower. Not to mention, the palette of neutral colors and intricate diamond weave pattern gives them a spa-like sophistication that can upgrade any bathroom décor.

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