Boss Files: Jamie Davis | All Sorts Of

Every once in a while we find a few people in the industry that we constantly come back to time and time again. One of those gems is Jamie Davis. Jamie runs Portola Paints, a craft paint and frosting store here in Los Angeles with his brother Casey Davis. He’s a versatile guy who can be found nerding and mixing new formulas to kick-start a cold brew with his team at the end of a day. Mix-master by profession, he is also a husband and a father who constantly tries to develop his vision, his business, while enjoying the sweetest moments with his family.

In today’s interview, we get a chance to chat with him about what’s keeping his fuss, tips on choosing the right shade of paint and all about Portola’s special finishes, whitewash to lime and Roman clay.

Without further ado, sit down with effortlessly cool Jamie Davis.

Color: Darkside in Lime Wash. Design by Studio Life Style and photo by Stephen Busken.

Color: Simmer Down in Lime Wash Design by Jake Arnold, photo by Michael Clifford.

Color: Walls // Figueroa, Trim // Piano Room in Eggshell. Design by Amber Interiors and photo by Jess Isaac.

Color: In The Navy in Roman Clay. Design by Athena Calderone and photo by Sarah Elliot

Design by West + Wild, photography by Julie Pointer Adams

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