30 Dreamy White Bedroom Ideas

Jacqueline Brand Peaceful, serene, cathartic, there is no shortage of adjectives to describe a white room. Designers aiming to create restorative and rejuvenating bedrooms are no strangers to forgoing color in favor of a palette of white. When applied correctly, white and its many components – see: ivory, cream, ecru – are just as expressive … Read more

Taking the Stress Out of Refinancing a Home

This article is created in partnership with Refily, a new home refinancing lender comparison tool with the goal of reducing the stress of home refinancing. Ttaking care of our home is not only a big investment in the health and well-being of our family on so many levels (which we talk about here all the … Read more

We’re Moving: Part Two – The Inspired Room

Si vous avez manqué la première partie du post sur notre décision de déménager, vous pouvez vous rattraper ICI ! Nous sommes tellement excités! Nous avons mis notre maison en vente pendant quelques semaines incroyablement chargées, mais nous sommes ravis de commencer cette aventure en déménageant dans une nouvelle maison. J’ai hâte de vous en … Read more

What Is an Apartment Administrative Fee and What Does It Cover?

Credit: iStock.com/gustavofrazao Renting an apartment is sometimes a blur of paperwork. This can be especially maddening if you are a first-time tenant. Either way, you will likely hear conditions during the rental process that you might not understand. One of these terms is the “administrative costs” for the apartment. What are the administrative costs in … Read more

Family Room vs. Living Room: What’s the Difference?

Credit: iStock.com/Yagi-Studio Almost everyone knows the kitchen is for cooking, the bedroom is for sleeping, and the bathroom is for, well, you get the idea. Things get confusing in describing the spaces of an apartment when we start talking about the living room and the family room. Survey a large group of people and you … Read more

How to Remove Paint From Wood

Credit: iStock.com/Viacheslav Zhedankov Maybe you found the perfect wooden piece of furniture at a garage sale, or maybe your landlord gave you the go ahead to do a little DIY. When you come across paint on wood that you want to get rid of, you may need to know what’s the best way to remove … Read more

7 Fresh Ideas for Bringing Nature Into Your Home

Aleksandra ZlatkovicGetty Images After spending a lot of time indoors, the call of the wild can seem especially strong right now. And there are plenty of ways to answer it without committing to, say, a weekend camping trip if that’s not your type of thing. With a few easy adjustments, you can experience the great … Read more

6 Steps to Getting a Wildflower Garden Growing

There are few better ways to connect with nature on a regular basis than to grow a garden in your own backyard. And wildflowers like black-eyed Susan, wild bergamot, and butterfly weeds are the perfect way for gardening newbies to start: not only do they grow back every year with relatively little maintenance, but even … Read more