Changes & Empty Nester Life

Changes and empty Nester's life

II have the impression that the summer passes by here. I’m trying to slow things down as best I can and make the most of every moment of this season. We have some cute new summer bedding for our guest bedroom, so I had fun using the guest space again! We’ve already had a few family reunions this spring and summer so it was great to put this room to its intended use. He got a little lonely in 2020.

Changes and empty Nester's life

Random memory, when I was a child I always dreamed of having a house with a spare bedroom. I imagined how I would make the bed and have the bedroom ready for the comfort of the guests. Probably a strange dream for a child 🙂 but yet I guess it’s no surprise that most of my big dreams revolved around decorating houses.

Changes and empty Nester's life

It was nice to feel that life has almost returned to normal this summer with more family reunions! Although in reality what has become “normal” for us over the past two and a half years has actually been preparing to bring in or out one or two children (adults)! With Courtney moving in and out to a new apartment in 2020-2021, Kylee and her husband are moving in early Spring (they are moving again in a few weeks and we can’t wait to show you their darling new home!), And our son Luke moving in. in the dorms, then being sent home in the middle of the first year due to Covid and now he’s moving again (this time to a house with friends) in August.

Phew! It’s a lot of change, moving things around, rearranging and rearranging our house to make room for everyone. Although I love to feel settled in, it was worth it to have this unexpected moment with our kids at home!

Changes and empty Nester's life

I’m trying to focus now on all we can hope for in this next season of life. Since we were just empty nests for a few months in the fall of 2019, we really didn’t have a chance to do anything like rearrange our house or settle into new routines. I’m pretty sure we’ll be empty nests on a more permanent basis this time around, so I feel like I can rearrange the house and it can stay that way.

Changes and empty Nester's life

We also got a new mattress for the rollaway bed! We love it! We picked a Tuft & Needle on Courtney’s recommendation (she has one too!) And because I really wanted one that wasn’t toxic. It’s so comfortable!

We chose the Mint mattress, the same one Courtney had and shared in her new apartment bedroom tour station.

Changes and empty Nester's life

The mattress was also so easy to order, it comes in a box and is really quick and easy to set up. I also received two of Tuft & Needle’s alternative down pillows.

My mission was to get rid of the things around our house and only bring back the things we use and love. It’s so nice to have new soft pillows for the guests! Goodbye dishes.

Changes and empty Nester's life

Soft pillows, plush mattresses and pretty bedding really make the difference. I think Jack agrees! He thinks it’s his room. Don’t worry, we don’t let him in here when guests arrive.

Changes and empty Nester's life

I also love the new bedding that I recently received. I bought the blue and white sheet set on Amazon, then this white and red polka dot duvet (reversible with flowery like the decorative pillowcases!), And this light white waffle knit blanket. I have shared my other new summer bedding (blue and white) in this post.

Our bed and breakfast will still be set up like this for family comings and goings in the coming weeks, but I’m not sure it will be our permanent bed and breakfast after that! I have a few ideas on how we might turn things around and move rooms once Luke moves out, so stay tuned to our plans. 🙂

Changes and empty Nester's life

I leave you with this photo of Jack. I sometimes swear this dog is a human inside a dog’s body… his facial expressions are too much!

Many thanks to Tuft & Needle for donating the mattress and pillows!




Similar gray curved upholstered bed

Similar gray upholstered bed (lower price)

Wood bead chandelier

Navy blue striped pompom curtains

Blue framed bird art

Similar wall mirror

Duvet with white and red polka dots (reversible with floral like decorative pillowcases!)

Lightweight white waffle-knit blanket

Blue and white sheet set

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