Cheapest Places to Live in Maryland


If you’re considering relocating to the East Coast to find the cheapest places to live in Maryland, be aware that the state has different housing options for singles, young couples, and families. You can rent classic apartments, old style units and modern independent houses. However, Maryland is one of the most expensive places in the United States due to its proximity to Washington, DC and Philadelphia. Explore the median income in select Maryland cities and find out about the cheapest places to live in the state.

Locations of median incomes in Maryland

If you earn an annual family income of around $ 70,000 or more, you could enjoy a high quality of life when you find a community that is among the cheapest places to live in Maryland. The state has a cost of living index of 113, which means you should expect to spend 13% more on food, shelter, health care, and other necessities compared to the national average of 100. Learn more more on some of the affordable areas of Maryland and some of the cheapest cities in Maryland.


Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, is one of the most densely populated cities in Maryland, with over 39,278 residents. Most of its residents have an annual family income ranging from $ 65,000 to $ 200,000. The cost of living is 130 which is 1.3 times higher than the national average. Annapolis has some lovely real estate that includes vacation rentals and old-fashioned mansions.

You’ll find many benefits when you choose to live in Annapolis, but the main ones are proximity to the central business district and reduced travel time to points in southern Maryland and beyond.

The median income is around $ 83,948 and the average rent for an apartment is around $ 1,583 per month.


The city is located less than 20 miles from Washington, DC, and is the third largest populous city in the state with approximately 67,529 residents. Gaithersburg is a great option if you are a professional working in the district and looking for some of the cheapest places to live in Maryland. Gaithersburg has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Montgomery County, Maryland, and has an overall cost of living score of 136, about 1.4 times the national average.

The median income is around $ 86,411 and the average rent for an apartment is around $ 1,740 per month. When you live here, you’ll find Gaithersburg one of the most affordable places to live near Bethesda, Maryland.


Hampstead in Carroll County has a population of approximately 6,362 people. You’ll find an average cost of living of 108, which is 1.1 times the national average. As you explore Hampstead you will discover a traditional atmosphere with friendly neighborhoods and small communities. The median income is around $ 77,083 and the average rent for an apartment ranges from $ 701 to $ 1,000 per month.


Taneytown, in Carroll County, is about an hour’s drive northwest of Baltimore and has a population of 6,787. There are plenty of things to do in Taneytown as well as shopping at Taneytown Mall. Visit the various parks in the community, including Roberts Mill Park, home to diverse wildlife and lush green spaces.

The city’s median income is around $ 73,649. As a renter, expect to pay between $ 975 and $ 2,665 for apartments in many neighborhoods.


Thurmont is located north of Frederick, in Frederick County, and its overall cost of living index is 114, which makes it 1.1 times higher than the national index. The area offers residents and visitors different nature activities due to its proximity to Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park. The Catoctin Colorfest event attracts hundreds of thousands of people each fall.

The median income in Thurmont is around $ 78,320 and the average rent for an apartment is around $ 1,135 per month.

The cheapest places to live in Maryland

The high cost of living in Maryland primarily has an impact on rental prices. What you might consider affordable places to live in Maryland could be expensive in many other states. As such, a virtual apartment tour is a great way to ensure you get a good deal, value for money, and the unit that meets your expectations.

Since the median rent in the state is around $ 1,700, check out a few cities where you can find housing with rates below the state average.


The city has a cost of living of around 77.5, lower than the state median of 113 and cheaper even by national standards. Cumberland’s population has shrunk over the years, giving new tenants the opportunity to get cheaper rates.

Check out some of the standard apartment types and their average monthly rents:

  • Studio: $ 540
  • Room: $ 669
  • Two rooms: $ 740
  • Three rooms: $ 1,000


Frostburg is a vibrant city that attracts students and young professionals who want to rent real estate for the long term due to its low median rental prices and proximity to educational institutions. The rates in this city make its neighborhoods one of the cheapest places in Maryland.

Find out about the average rental rates to expect in the city.

  • Studio: $ 600
  • Room: $ 690
  • Two rooms: $ 820
  • Three rooms: $ 1,110


Greensboro has a cost of living of approximately 93.2%, which is 6.8% lower than the national average. The city has 2,253 residents and many residents adopt a conservative culture. However, the community is relaxing, fun, and sweet, and the area attracts government workers and business owners.

Find out about the average apartment rental rates in the city:

  • Studio: $ 725
  • Room: $ 760
  • Two rooms: $ 965
  • Three rooms: $ 1,287


Hagerstown is a small town with a rich history and a cost of living of 86, which is 13.8% lower than the national average. The main factors contributing to the decline in rents in the neighborhood are the low cost of living and the median average household income of around $ 38,000.

Here are the rental rates you can expect to find:

  • Studio: $ 665
  • One bedroom: $ 790
  • Two bedrooms: $ 1,030
  • Three bedrooms: $ 1,430

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