Cheapest Places To Live in New Hampshire


With a median household income of over $ 75,000, which is higher than the national average, and a cost of living slightly higher than in other states across the country, you can enjoy affordable living in New Hampshire. Whether you’ve just graduated from college, raising a family, or looking for an inexpensive place to retire, New Hampshire is a great state where you can settle down and have money to have fun. If you are thinking of moving to one of the New England states, take a look at some of the cheapest places to live in New Hampshire.

The northernmost city in New Hampshire, Berlin is a picturesque town that sits on the edge of the White Mountains. You will find plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in the area throughout the year. Skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling are popular winter sports, while mountain biking, hiking, and camping are fun activities the whole family can enjoy in the warmer months. Many of the residents here have French-Canadian roots, and you’ll find that over half of Berlin’s population speaks some New England form of French.

In Berlin, you can buy a house for less than in other cities in New Hampshire. Sadly, rental prices aren’t as low here as in other cities, but since it’s one of the best places to live in New Hampshire for families, you’ll probably want to make it your home for the long haul.

As well as being one of the cheapest cities in New Hampshire, Manchester is also safe and conveniently located on the coastline and major metropolitan areas. In addition to affordable homes for buyers, renters can take advantage of some of the cheapest rates statewide. Manchester is the only city in New Hampshire to have a professional sports team, and thanks to several institutions of higher education, students make it a vibrant place to live all year round. From skiing in winter to colorful foliage in fall, you’ll find plenty of reasons to live in Manchester.

The people of Manchester take pride in their cultural scene, with a number of museums to visit and community events taking place throughout the year. You can watch Broadway plays, listen to live blues and jazz music, or stroll the Heritage Trail along the Merrimack River past pretty shops.

Nashua is one of the most affordable places in New Hampshire. Rental and housing prices are more affordable here than in other places in and around the state. You have easy access to the greater Boston area, while still living in a rural community with a small town feel. People here love to support their local businesses, but you’re only a short drive from incredible winter skiing and summer hiking opportunities. Those with families will appreciate that the community library hosts fun events and activities throughout the year.

Younger guests will be able to explore the city’s many microbreweries, and everyone will enjoy the music and arts festivals that take place throughout the year. Fresh produce is available at the farmers market, which is also a great place for the community to get to know each other better.

Laconia is located in the Lake District of New Hampshire and is home to Weirs Beach, the most famous beach in the entire region. This makes it a popular vacation destination, but once you visit, you’ll probably want to call Laconia home on a permanent basis. You can find great rental prices and there is a lot of nature to explore right from your backyard. Since 1916, Motorcycle Week has been held in Laconia in June. This is when motorcycle enthusiasts come together to show off their bikes and enjoy the weather and landscapes that Laconia has to offer.

Another reason you will love living in Laconia is the fact that this small community is rich in delicious, high quality food. Try tapas at Tavern 27 or relax at Union Diner while listening to vintage music and discovering memorabilia from the 60s and 70s.

Not only does Keene, New Hampshire have fun and family-friendly attractions, you’ll also experience the best weather conditions in the state when you settle here. Keene is affordable for those who want to own a home as well as for those looking for cheap rental prices. This New Hampshire town has a large farming community, so it’s no surprise that Stonewall Farm is one of the area’s top attractions. They offer educational programs and tours, as well as organic dairy and farm produce.

In June, Keene hosts an annual Art Walk event, where Main Street shops display works of art of all kinds and ages in their window displays. During the event, you’ll see live painting demonstrations, listen to music, and more. An old railroad track makes up the Ashuelot Trail, one of the best hiking trails in all of New Hampshire, and it’s here in Keene.

Of all the places to live in New Hampshire, Concord has one of the most affordable rental prices. It is the state capital and is located along the Merrimack River. Families love to visit the area’s parks and playgrounds, and you can take a special trip to the Merrimack River Outdoor Education and Conservation Area to experience the diverse wildlife and nature that New Hampshire has to offer. has to offer. Like other towns in New Hampshire, Concord is close to the beach and the mountains, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts of all types.

The people of Concord are friendly and welcoming, and the locals are always quick to support the town’s small business community. If you are considering relocating to New Hampshire, Concord comes highly recommended.

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