Cheapest Places to Live in Seattle


With stunning views, friendly locals, and so much to see and do, Seattle has such an allure that draws people from all over the place. That said, living in a large city often comes with high rental costs, usually an indicator of a high cost of living. But with a little research, you can get decent, affordable housing in and around the area.

We’ve compiled a handy guide to the cheapest places to live in Seattle to save you time and energy because moving is stressful enough!

South Park is great for those who don’t mind living outside of the downtown core and heading to Seattle. This neighborhood, located on the Duwamish River, is one of the most affordable places to live in Seattle. Apartments in this area average less than $ 1,400 per month, but it is possible to find one as cheap as $ 1,200 per month.

Located 15 minutes outside of downtown, Greenwood is one of the cheapest places to live in Seattle and has a wide range of apartments to meet different tastes and needs. For example, the region has studios with monthly rental prices as low as $ 900, one-bedroom apartments for $ 1,300, and two-bedroom apartments for as low as $ 1,400. Greenwood is also considered a great neighborhood for families.

Sometimes the serenity and lush landscape you are looking for is not in the city center; they are often found outside the urban area. So if you are looking for a quiet, affordable place to live on the outskirts of Seattle, Pinehurst is your best bet. The average monthly rental price in this neighborhood is around $ 1,600, although you can find accommodation even cheaper. There are studios for as little as $ 1,100 per month, one-bedroom apartments for $ 1,300 per month, and two-bedroom apartments for just under $ 2,000 per month.

Pinehurst is located in the Northgate area, west of Lake Washington.

This vibrant and diverse neighborhood southeast of downtown Seattle is a fantastic place to live. With over 60 languages ​​spoken here and a diverse dining scene, Columbia City will immerse you in a strong global culture. Monthly rental prices are also low. The average monthly rent is around $ 1,700 per month, but there are apartments that are much cheaper than that. You can find a studio for around $ 1,000, a one-bedroom apartment for $ 1,300, and a two-bedroom apartment for $ 1,500 – all per month.


A little further away is Redmond, a favorite of young professionals working in the city’s tech industry. The popularity of this region is due to its proximity to Nintendo, Microsoft and Amazon. Despite Redmond’s convenient distance from these businesses, its apartments are mostly affordable. Two-bedroom apartments in this neighborhood can cost as little as $ 1,500.

Bryant, a quiet neighborhood in northeast Seattle, is a great option for singles, young professionals, and families. The median monthly rental cost here is $ 1,600 for a studio or one-bedroom apartment and $ 1,885 for a two-bedroom apartment. However, there are apartments that offer much better value for money.

Madrona is located on the western shore of Lake Washington, offering you a variety of seafood and stunning views of the freshwater lake. It’s just 10 to 25 minutes from downtown Seattle by car and has a thriving business center on 34th Street. The area is popular with families as it offers plenty of family activities throughout the year. You will also find a selection of shops and restaurants suitable for families.

In addition, Madrona offers affordable accommodation for individuals, couples and families. For a studio and a one-bedroom apartment, expect to pay around $ 1,000 and $ 1,350 per month, respectively. The lowest monthly rental price for a two-bedroom apartment in the area is $ 1,500.

Magnolia is a charming, hilly neighborhood in downtown Seattle. It offers stunning views of Puget Sound to the west and the Seattle skyline to the east. Magnolia is one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Washington state. Despite its combination of security and stunning real estate, you can still get decent accommodation for a modest fee. A one-bedroom apartment here costs around $ 1,200 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment rents for as little as $ 1,500.

Wedgwood offers a calm and tranquil lifestyle that contrasts with the congestion and pace of city life. While far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle, this neighborhood is close enough for commuting. Additionally, it is located north of the Greater Seattle area, providing a convenient distance for exciting activities in the metropolis. More importantly, Wedgwood is affordable, with a median monthly rent of $ 1,500. A one-bedroom apartment here can be appraised for as little as $ 1,300 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment costs as little as $ 1,400.

Median income in Seattle

The median household income in Seattle is $ 93,481. With a bustling population of nearly 745,000 and a median age of 35.2, plus a poverty rate of just 11.8%, the city holds promise for young families and young professionals.

So what are you waiting for? There are so many options for cheap places to live in Seattle, Washington, that you can choose from. Not only does this one-of-a-kind city offer fantastic views, tons of things to see and do, and plenty of employment opportunities, it is also a fantastic place to live for those on a budget.

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