Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // A Progress Tour, Pt. 3

Here’s a little story for you. We started moving into this house just days before I was diagnosed with MS and a week before California went into fully closed quarantine mode. To say that the timing of these two major things happening at the same time as our date is weird or fate or whatever way you might turn it… could be true. But one thing I do know for sure is that I am just grateful to finally settle into this house with my family and pets, which we have spent almost two years building.

Also note… I say this is a “progress” tour, because we will be running this house professionally once it is safe with other people again !! And there are still quite a few things I need to do here. But until then, these are my shit photos on iPhone, which don’t seem to bother you at all! There are even more rooms and corners that I haven’t shared yet, so stick around and that will be the next step.

So keep scrolling down! I’ve shared all the sources I can below, so go for it !! And if you’re new around here… WELCOME! Don’t forget to check out Progress Tour 1 and Progress Tour 2!

Send you all big virtual hugs !!! xoxo amber

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