Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // Reveal, Pt. 1

Hi friends!!

I feel like it’s been a while since I sat down to visit this little blog post. We all know it’s been a crazy few months, but I have some lovely photos to share and it’s worth breaking my long silence. I am BEYOND delighted to finally share the revelation of #clientmemyselfandicantmakeupmymind with you !!!

If you missed the story of the birth of our house, let’s do a quick review. We bought our house in 2016. The original house was approximately 1500 square feet in size and was almost intact since it was built in 1956. It has remained in the same family the entire time. When we first discovered the house, we knew it had so much potential and that the land itself was worthy of all the eyes of the heart. We simply fell in love with the property and what looked like a huge expanse of land and endless possibilities. It was full of mature oaks, cedars and even fruiting citrus. You see, in our neck of the woods, it’s very rare to find a flat acre of land anywhere near the Los Angeles area within our budget and full of such nature. We knew that when this opportunity presented itself we had to jump at the chance to purchase this beauty and hope to one day build the home of our dreams. After a few years of living in the existing house and saving every penny, we decided to make our dreams come true. The hardest part of the whole process was being my own client. There were ups and downs… from which I all learned important lessons! Even though I do this for clients for a living (obviously) nothing could have prepared me to go through this process for myself !! It’s just a whole different ball game when it’s your time, your energy, and ultimately your money.

We started the demo in May 2018 and moved in earlier this year. In fact, March 2020, days before the world closed, and my whole life as I knew it changed forever after being diagnosed with MS. Fortunately, we had the guidance and support from my father, who we hired as a GC. He’s been a builder for years, and working with him meant we could troubleshoot and get things done on the fly. He is the best and we are grateful to him for everything he has done for us over the years to bring us into our home.

I don’t want to bombard you all too soon, and I have so much to share, so I figured the best way forward was to split the photo series into multiple mini tours. Today we’ll start at the front! The lobby and lounge… which BTW looks SO different from when we first got the seat! I mentioned that we started with 1500 square feet of living space which was definitely old fashioned and quite devoid of natural light. After it’s all said and done we’ve added almost 2,500 square feet and now have 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths … and oh THEREFORE lots of natural light!

I know you will want ALL the sources … so I give up !! Keep scrolling for all the details. You can also see more of what we experienced in Progress Tour 1, Progress Tour 2 and Progress Tour 3…

xoxo amber


They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so I designed our entry to be a knockout. I wanted a space we felt happy to come home to, and also a welcoming space for our friends and family, that was naturally bright and still pristine enough to evolve with my ever-changing furniture exchanges and plenty of selections. carpet. I’ve always loved the look of brick and knew I wanted it to be spread throughout our home. We picked a salvaged brick from Mission Tile on the entryway floors and laid it in a herringbone pattern with a soldier pattern border to give it some interest. On the walls we used vertical rebates and painted it “Figueroa ”by Portola Paints. It’s Greigey’s perfect tone that looks bright, but not too bright, and compliments reclaimed ceilings and brick floors. Speaking of ceilings… it’s also a recurring architectural element that I have used throughout the house. I bought all of the reclaimed white oak from Ross Alan Reclaimed and they worked with me to mill the tongue and groove boards, as well as make all of the box beams for us. No shock, I chose a vintage cabinet to fill the space and store our keys and such, I tilted a vintage mirror and a framed piece of art for interest and to check our teeth when we come out of the door, and I hung an amazingly cool vintage coat rack to hang everything!

Entrance wall color // ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell, and the trim color is ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell
Ceiling beams // Ross Alan Reclaimed lumbar in white oak
Floor // Mission Tile
Plinths // WindsorONE tongue and groove painted in Portola Paints ‘Piano Room’ in eggshell
Wall lights // made to measure

shop entrance

Brass plate

23 $

Cabinet Aulia

$ 1,145

Fluted vessel

$ 350

Paper mache bowl with legs

25 $

Leather wrapped candle

$ 60

Curved wood coat rack

$ 295

Woman stretching

$ 250

Nier carpet

$ 8,600

Designed for life

40 $

Antique Pine Dresser With Five Drawers

$ 3,800

living room

Our living room or really our great room and is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house… although I could say that about every room! It’s the center of the whole house and connects to our kitchen and dining area which you may see more of next week. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my family, so designing an open layout for our most used spaces was the best way to go. Every night you can find Mike cooking in the kitchen, while I catch up with home school with Gwynnie at our dining table listening to classical music while the fire roars in the background… HA! Or more realistically, you can find us all on our devices sitting alone in different corners of the room. HEY, at least we are all still together in the same room, right? Once you walk through the entrance it all opens up with high vaulted ceilings with T&G details from WindsorOne. The room is flooded with natural light with floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors by Marvin. DuChateau’s parquet is white oak with random width planks, which I really like. I knew I wanted a large fireplace right in the center of it all and wanted a unique and cool limestone mantel. After researching and researching, I finally got one on the first dibs from a supplier in Europe. You will also see a glimpse of this same brick from the entrance that we brought back for the outline of the fireplace. You may have noticed that I have broken the Designer rule of all rules. The nonsense of all the nonsense. YES, WE PUT A TELEVISION OVER THE CHIMNEY. I know, it’s a sin, but I had to choose my battles while building a house with my partner, and Mike Lewis really wanted a TV in that room. It didn’t really bother me as we did our best to hide it by pushing it into the drywall. Plus, there is nothing better than watching the Dodgers win the World Series with the fireplace on !! When designing this area, I knew I wanted shelves for all of my tchotchkes, but I didn’t want them to be your standard built-in items. I wanted the rooms to feel like furniture, so we custom designed some! With a combo of open and closed shelves, we can hide all of our board games while displaying all of my funky collectibles. They are in white oak and I chose a limed oak finish. The color and texture are just gorgeous!

Flooring // DuChateau Varació in Tonalé
Doors // Marvin Signature Ultimate multi-sliding door
Windows // Ultimate Marvin Signature Collection
Ceiling // Tongue & Groove WindsorONE
Painting // The walls are ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish, the windows and doors are painted ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish, The trim is ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell, The ceiling is ‘Table Linen’ by Portola Paintings in eggshell finish

living room suite

Now that we’ve covered all of the materials that lay the foundation for the room, let’s move on to all the furniture and decorating! And you already know what I’m going to say… if it’s not vintage, it’s from Shoppe Amber Interiors! Sorry, but I got a pretty good discount, because I know some top officials in the company, and I actually got a really good deal. If it wasn’t Shoppe, these are vintage pieces that I kept along the way. From the leather armchairs, to the side tables and the console, everything is one of a kind and it has always been my decoration jam. I have never do not used vintage in a single home or project I designed. I believe if you want a room to have soul, you have to have vintage !! Of course, it takes time to find all the right pieces, so some of those gems I’ve been clinging to for years are waiting for the right home for them. They finally found one !!

Furniture // Carpenter Sofa with Custom Bench, Lewis Armchairs, Connecticut Coffee Table, Topanga Cubes All Shoppe Amber Interiors

salon shop

Carpenter sofa

$ 8,300

Connecticut coffee table

$ 4,800

Lewis armchair

$ 4,200

Acorn pillow

$ 295

Rush table basket

$ 195

Whitewashed urn

$ 45

Oversized wooden link chain

$ 500

Storage jar

$ 74

Winters 90 blanket

$ 600

Winters / 70 blanket

$ 600

With two dogs, three cats, a husband and a child, you just have to be okay so that nothing in your home is too precious. Everything about this space is comfortable, accessible and made for life. It’s really hard when you care so much about your surroundings and want things to look right, but at the end of the day I never want my designs to feel stuffy, and I never want let anyone feel anxious when trying to relax in our home. I firmly believe that things get better with age and wear, and being among the things and people you love is the most important. Stay tuned next week for more on the tour!

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