Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // Reveal, Pt. 3

The dining room

In addition to our living room, we also have a small family room. It is located in a hallway just off the great room and kitchen and is just as comfortable as it looks! So the family room is where we spend a lot of time hanging out and binging ALL the TV (anyone devouring The Queen’s Gambit as fast as us ?!). We wanted everything to feel really accessible and lived in where you can sit and read a book or eat a snack while vegging, and we did that by creating a layered space with some really comfy furniture.

Let’s talk about scale for a minute, because we’ve gone big on a few things here. First of all, the sofa. It is modular with two arm pieces and a center piece which are all covered and separate for easy installation. Oh, and did I mention it’s really deep too? 44 ″ is correct! There is also a large ottoman to go with it… and if you couldn’t tell yet… this room is ALL about comfort !!! Because I know you’re going to ask, and love you all, the sofa is a custom piece from Shoppe Amber Interiors that’s coming to the site soon. What do you think we should call it ??

You can also see a preview of our GÉANT vintage French baker’s table !!! I caught this bad boy YEARS ago and hung on even though Mike thought I would never find a place for it… but he turned out to be the PERFECT piece of entertainment. It is 13 feet long and we had it modernized to hide electronics like the unsightly X Box etc. It took literally 8 people to bring it into the house, it’s so heavy !! But I LOVE it and am so glad I kept it in stock all these years. It is also the perfect addition to balance the sofa on a larger scale.

The work is a special piece that I commissioned from Addie Chapin. She’s one of my favorite artists and she’s just a cool woman. The tones of the art are so moody and beautiful and compliment the darker accents in the room so well. This piece is special in more than one way… we had it made for our anniversary, and Addie wrote down a part of our wishes: “I Fear No Fate”, which is from EE Cummings’ poem “I Carry Your Heart ”. Every time I see him, I remember our wedding day and all that we have built together as a family… which I truly enjoy above all else.

Ok, back to the furniture. I brought a ton of vintage here; from the coffee table to the side tables to the leather stool… they are all vintage. And you know what I’m gonna say… vintage makes my heart sing and no space is ever complete without it !! Wear, patina and age add a LOT of character to a room and the overall look of a room, not to mention the vibe. To finish off the space and balance the vintage, I brought the only other contemporary piece into the room: our new Lido armchairs from Shoppe in Bone Bouclé. The curves on them are so pretty and they make them the most comfortable side chairs. So what do you think? Scroll down to buy the look!

Flooring // DuChateau Varació in Tonalé
Windows // Ultimate Marvin Signature Collection
Ceiling // Tongue & Groove WindsorONE
Painting // Walls are ‘Figueroa’ by Portola Paints in Roman Clay finish, windows and trim are painted ‘Piano Room’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish, Ceiling is ‘Table Linen’ by Portola Paints in Eggshell finish
Furniture and rugs // Vintage interiors or Amber Shoppe
Art // personalized by Addie Chapin
Curtains // Custom, the fabric is a green velvet by Mark Alexander

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