Client Me Myself And I Can’t Make Up My Mind // Reveal, Pt. 4

It might not be the first thing you scream to share with visiting guests (in a pre- or post-COVID world) … but I’m rather excited to take you on a mini tour of our bathrooms at #clientmemyselfandicantmakeupmymind !! Today I’m taking you to our guest bath, our powder room and our office bath… and you’ll see a little theme running through those veins. I mentioned this before, but one thing I wanted to do with us was use similar materials everywhere. Keep scrolling and I’ll walk you through all of my design decisions and talk about material selection.

I’m saving our master bathroom and Gwynnie’s bathroom for another time, so stay tuned for more!

If you’re new here, be sure to check out Part 1 of the Entrance and Living Room, Part 2 of the Kitchen and Dinette, and Part 3 of the Family Room. Also, to learn more about the process, check out our other articles: Progress Tour 1, Progress Tour 2 and Progress Tour 3!

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guest bath

True story… we moved into our house the week before the world ended from COVID. So unfortunately our guest room and bathroom weren’t used much… YET! When I dreamed of this space, I wanted my future guests to feel like they were living a luxurious getaway, let’s say… in Belgium or France… in a refined farmhouse. I mixed a handful of textures like reed cabinets, paneling on the walls, rustic limestone floors… all paired with a clean slab of Calacatta marble on the vanity. This is my version of the perfect combo of materials… a bit upscale, a bit rustic. Having said that… I can’t wait to welcome my first guest… I hope soon !!

Paint // The walls are ‘Figueroa’ from Portola Paints
Fixtures // Henry Low Profile and Henry Waterworks shower head
Tile // Cle Tile Zellige white patina
Walls // Tongue & Groove WindsorONE
Cabinetry // Rosé white oak made to measure
Shower door // Custom brass
Lighting // Custom
Mirror // Vintage


A question I get asked the most concerns this vanity and this sink !! My heart skipped a beat when it arrived… and this beauty flew all over Belgium. I knew a dark gray soapstone would be the perfect contrast in an otherwise light-toned room, and the shiny veining against the gray was just the right amount of mood. Add a vintage mirror I marked last year and some salvaged brick from the floor in a basket weave pattern… and this little Power Room has become one of my favorites.

Vanity & Sink // Vintage from Belgium
Walls // Tongue & Groove WindsorONE
Paint // The walls are ‘Figueroa’ from Portola Paints
Floor // Brick salvaged from Mission Tile
Mirror and lighting // Vintage
Lighting // Waterworks Henry Low Profile

office bath

When we built this house we had no idea our office would be one of our most used rooms in 2020. Luckily we didn’t cut the corners of this tub and I have to say I love how it turned out. I wanted the cabinets to be super clean but not boring, so I went with a grooved white oak to add depth. Since I knew Mike would be primarily using the desk (I’m more of a sofa / chair / breakfast nook worker), I wanted to add some masculine elements which led to the Catalan Gray tweaking for the counters.

Tile // Cle Tile Zellige white patina
Paint // The walls are ‘Figueroa’ from Portola Paints
Lighting // RTO lighting
Mirror // Customs
Lighting // Henry Waterworks washbasin with crossed handles
Floor // Brick salvaged from Mission Tile
Workplan // Sharp Catalan Gray
Cabinetry // Custom grooved white oak

shop the look

Claire powder almond hand towel

$ 26

Frama hand cleanser

$ 45

Small brass towel rack

$ 30

Brass paper holder

$ 65

Condiment plate

$ 24

Louis Phillippe Golden Mirror

$ 1,390

Antique clay pot

$ 50

Vintage clay vessel

$ 89

Vintage clay vessel

108 $

Ok, that does for bathrooms in #clientmemyselfandicantmakeupmymind. Stay tuned next week for more on the tour!

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