Coastal Grandmother Style + A Lovely Life Book

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Coastal Grandma Style + A Charming Life Book

One minute I’m just living my new life as an empty nest in our little cottage by the sea, wandering around the house like I always have, making my coffee my morning ritual, looking for fresh flowers in the garden, I revel in the simple pleasures of home – certainly not following trends at all (and totally okay with it) and the moment after, according to TikTok and the set of Internet at the moment is the new style to aspire to! Ha! I’m so out, I’m in.

What trend are we talking about here? Turns out I’m a coastal grandma.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and maybe think I’m off my Adirondack rocker 🙂 …. coastal grandma was recently coined on TikTok as a style of romanticizing your life. It embraces the easy, breezy coastal vibes of homes depicted in Nancy Meyer movies that we’ve all fallen in love with for their settings. I think we all love the house in the movie Something’s Gotta Give!

Coastal Grandma Style + A Charming Life Book

A Lovely Life book is all about savoring the simple pleasures of home (like a coastal grandma!).

Not only do I love a coastal vibe for my home, but I somehow managed to write a book about embracing various aspects of life as a coastal grandmother. I didn’t even know it was going to be a thing, but still, A Lovely Life: Savoring the Simple Joys in Every Season is coming out in a few weeks (but you can pre-order it now and get the free downloadable Lovely Life Seasonal Planner here).

Savoring the pleasures of home life and the simple joys around us is apparently now what we coastal grandmothers love to do.
So if you just realize that you too could be a coastal grandmother or would like to be one, welcome! We may be kindred spirits (and I hope you enjoy my book. Ha!)

Coastal Grandma Style + A Charming Life Book

You too can embrace a coastal grandma lifestyle, it’s for everyone!

looks like young people of the world find out what I’ve always known. Creating the feeling of a home by the sea is a beautiful life to aspire to. Even if a real coastal home is only in your dreams, I have always encouraged my readers to create the life and feeling of any atmosphere that inspires you. I’ve written many books on creating a home you love, whatever your style!

Coastal Grandma Style + A Charming Life Book

And in case you’re worried you might not qualify for this trend, you don’t have to be a grandmother or even live near the coast to call yourself a coastal grandmother! In fact, to enjoy my book A Lovely Life, you don’t have to be coastal, be a grandma, or wear white button-up shirts or cashmere turtlenecks. I do not currently own a cashmere sweater. I’m not an East Coast posh grandma at all. Come sit next to me!!

My new book A Lovely Life is about embracing life’s simple pleasures in every season. This kind of coastal granny home and lifestyle is for anyone who wants it!

Are you a coastal grandmother? Come sit next to me! Let me know in the comments!

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