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When it comes to living in Alabama, the benefits are many. Alabama is known for its beaches, sweet tea, and low cost of living. Many cities in Alabama, including Montgomery, Mobile, and Huntsville, offer world-class amenities. Whether you are looking for an apartment or a house to rent, you will find many different options in this state. Let’s describe how much it will cost you to live in Alabama.

What is the cost of living in Alabama?

Living in Alabama is generally cheaper than in other states in the United States, about 13% less, which is the third lowest cost of living in the country. Downtown areas tend to cost more, while rural areas are more affordable but have fewer activities and amenities. On a scale where 100 is the average cost of living in the United States, Alabama is rated at 82.3 by, which makes it affordable. In particular, housing in Alabama is actually 55.9, so it’s a great place to relocate if you’re on a budget or working to improve your credit score.

Which Cities Are The Most Affordable In Alabama?

Although mobile is more expensive than Birmingham, the cost of living is still significantly lower than the rest of the United States. Birmingham is around 10% less than Mobile. Alabama offers many wonderful cities such as Decatur, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Auburn. Many of them are university towns, where expenses, housing costs and utilities are cheaper. The opportunities and culture make Alabama a great choice for anyone of any age in the United States.

How much does an apartment cost in Alabama?

If you share an apartment with roommates, the costs go down considerably. However, since it’s already so affordable in Alabama, you might not need to share. If your budget is tight, consider renting an apartment in a city like Lincoln, Tuscumbia, or Russellville. Other affordable cities include Roanoke, Attalla, and Hamilton. The cost of tasty Southern cuisine is below average, and many summer citrus fruits and vegetables can be grown year round, which is another way to keep costs down if you start your own balcony garden. In general, rates in Alabama range from $ 590 for a studio to $ 1,191 for a four-bedroom house. However, a typical tenant in Alabama will pay $ 772 per month. Learn more about rental prices in Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa and Auburn, Alabama, before you move.

Find the best places to live in Alabama in one place

How to Find Cheap Apartments in Alabama?

To get the best affordable rates possible in Alabama, use an online marketplace to find apartment options and filter by cost, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and other possible preferences. For example, you can organize your results to show apartments that allow pets, units with air conditioning, and even look by the neighborhood or city that interests you most. A studio in Alabama costs around $ 590, while in the rest of the United States, a studio easily costs almost double at $ 821.

Take a look at your budget for the year, assess what amenities you and your family need, and visit a few cities and neighborhoods before signing a lease. Also take the time to read the lease to make sure you have all the funds you need – a property management company often needs your first month’s rent and security deposit before handing you your keys. Just keep in mind utility costs and what your commute might be like so you don’t go over budget.

What’s the cheapest rent in Alabama?

For the cheapest rent, you might consider looking at smaller towns, but these areas tend to have higher costs for utilities and transportation. When you look at Mobile or Birmingham, even though the rents are a bit higher, the amenities provide huge perks and may allow you to walk or cycle to work or drive a short walk from the office. In addition, the large number of cultural and artistic events in the cities makes the experience interesting and often free events are held regularly in these large cities. The cheapest rent in Alabama is usually found in rural areas, but large cities also have decent prices. Just outside of Montgomery, for example, you can find a one-bedroom apartment for around $ 500 / month.

How Much Do Utilities Cost in Alabama?

The milder winters are worth it, but no apartment in Alabama is complete without air conditioning, which could increase the cost of living. The average electric bill in Alabama tends to be close to $ 100 per month, which is comparable to the national average, but given the low cost of rent, a high electric bill during the summer months becomes much more manageable. If a high electric bill is a concern, you can look for apartments with swamp coolers, ceiling fans, and plenty of windows, ideally in shaded areas or near beach waves. What you will save on accommodation is almost impossible to find elsewhere.

What’s a fair rental price in Alabama?

A comparison of the cost of living in Alabama should be very appealing to a potential tenant. Newer buildings and urban apartment complexes will have higher rents, but still nothing like the cities of New York or Chicago. The typical renter in Alabama spends $ 772 per month on housing, $ 251 less than the national median monthly rent of $ 1,023. The monthly rent for a one-bedroom rental in the state is $ 600, while the typical rent for a five-bedroom unit is $ 1,130.

What are the best free things to do in Alabama?

Due to the hot weather, outdoor activities are a must for living in Alabama. Hiking, camping, kayaking, and biking are all very popular with those who live in this southern state. Other free and fun activities include visiting the Wharf Marina, relaxing at Orange Beach, and visiting the Foley Historical Railway Museum. The many popular beaches like Gulf Shores and Bon Secour offer endless possibilities for you to relax and read a book or swim with friends.

Whether you choose the university town of Auburn or the amenities of the big city of Birmingham, you will find endless summer, affordable housing options and charming Southern hospitality.

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